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M <br />ROLL CALL: <br />Ah A N N O T A T E D <br />AGENDA <br />Arcadia City Council <br />and <br />Redevelopment Agency <br />Meeting <br />May 7, 2002 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />Council Chambers Conference Room <br />minim <br />City Council/Redevelopment Agency Members Chang, Kovacic, <br />Segal, Wuo, and Marshall All present <br />TIME RESERVED FOR THOSE IN THE AUDIENCE WHO WISH TO <br />ADDRESS THE CITY COUNCIL/REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (NON- PUBLIC <br />HEARING /FIVE - MINUTE TIME LIMIT PER PERSON) Peter Ulrich <br />Kevin Zimmerman <br />Participation in the 2003 Rose Parade <br />a. Waive the City's purchasing regulations with regard to competitive <br />bidding and authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement with <br />Phoenix Decorating Company to design and build a City of Arcadia float <br />for the 2003 Rose Parade for a total cost not to exceed $100,000 Approved 5 -0 <br />b. Accept a donation of $25,000 from Methodist Hospital and $25,000 from <br />the Los Angeles Turf Club /Oak Tree Racing Association Accepted 5 -0 <br />C. Approve a final design for the float and authorize staff and the Phoenix <br />Decorating Company to move forward with construction Approved 5 -0 <br />d. Determine whether or not the City float will have riders and, if so, how Up to 7 riders <br />these people will be selected Approved 5 -0 <br />e. Provide direction on which ancillary promotional activities staff should <br />pursue with regard to the City's participation in the Rose Parade Submit suggestions <br />to Linda Garcia <br />7:00 p.m. RECESS 6:25 p.m. to <br />Council Chambers 7:00 p.m. <br />INVOCATION <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Dorothy Denne <br />First Reader, Tom <br />Gordon, 1st Church <br />of Christ, Scientist <br />Gail A. Marshall, Mayor . Dr. Sheng Chang, Mayor Pro tempore . Mickey Segal, John Wuo, Gary A. Kovacic, Council Members <br />William R. Kelly, City Manager <br />June D. Alford, City Clerk <br />