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<br />I"""CA'!" <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF <br />ALLEGIANCE <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF <br />MINUTES ' <br />(1-19-65) <br /> <br />HEARING <br />(Conditional <br />Uses) <br /> <br />g lorl S <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />16:6463 <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br />FEBRUARY 2, 1965 <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Arcadia met in regular session in <br />the Council Chamber of the City Hall at 8 P.M., February 2, 1965. <br /> <br />Rev. Robert K, Oliver, Pastor, Arcadia Christian Church <br /> <br />Mayor Dale E. Turner <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Balser, Considine, Forman, Reibold, Turner <br />None <br /> <br />The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 19, 1965 were APPROVED <br />as revised on MOTION by Councilman Balser, seconded by Councilman <br />Reibold and car~ied unanimously. <br /> <br />The formal portion of the public hearing proceedings on Planning <br />Commission recommendation as contained in its Resolution No. 538 <br />concerning conditional uses having been closed on January 19, 1965, <br />the City Council continued its deliberations on revisions and <br />possible deletions. <br /> <br />A communication was read into the record from J. J. Cassidy, Area <br />Staff Supervisor of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company. <br />Embodied therein was a request that Section 9275.3.11 - UTILITIES - <br />be expanded to include the requirement that the developer or <br />property owner be responsible for compliance ~ith the requirement <br />for underground utility installation and bear all costs connected <br />therewith. <br /> <br />Councilmen Balser and Reibold abstained from entering discussion or <br />decision on this point as both are employed by the subject utility <br />company. <br /> <br />It was the consensus of the remaining members of the City Council <br />that Section 9275,3.11 include the additional requirement in <br />connection with underground utilities. <br /> <br />Section 9275.3.20 was then considered and it was the consensus of <br />the City Council that the subject section be enlarged upon to include <br />the provision that the Planning Commission may upon finding that all <br />requirements are met, grant the conditional use; that in a case where <br />a waiver of the requirement is involved that 'the Commission submit <br />to the City Council its recommendation and the legislative body make <br />the final determination. The City Council c~hcurred in the following <br />wording suggested by the City Attorney: <br /> <br />"Upon a showing by the applicant and a finding by the Planning <br />Commission that any such regulation is i~appropriate or <br />inapplicable either to the intended use of the property or <br /> <br />1. <br /> <br />2-2-65 <br />