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Agenda - June 20, 2017[Icon]
Item 1a - Citywide Street Lighting Assessment District[Icon]
Item 2a - Special and Regular Meeting Minutes of June 6, 2017[Icon]
Item 2b - Reject low bid and Award Contract for the Water Main Replacement Project[Icon]
Item 2c - Reject all Bids for Janitorial and Porter Services[Icon]
Item 2d - Agreement for Services with the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce[Icon]
Item 2e - Agreement for Special Services for Personnel Related Legal Services[Icon]
Item 2f - Video Production and Broadcast Services for City Council Meetings[Icon]
Item 2g - Agreement for Claims Administration Srvices for Workers' Compensation Third Party Administrative Services[Icon]
Item 2h - Jail Services[Icon]
Item 2i - Gun Range Maintenance Services[Icon]
Item 2j - Updating the City's Architectural Design Guidelines[Icon]
Item 2k - Ambulance Billing and Collection Services[Icon]
Item 2l - Purchase Order for Structural Firefighting Equipment[Icon]
Item 2m - Unscheduled Maintenance and Repair of City Wells and Pumps[Icon]
Item 2n - Public Safety Software System Support Services[Icon]
Item 2o - Official Parking Enforcement Services[Icon]
Item 2p - Purchase Order for Paramedic Field Supplies[Icon]
Item 2q - Purchase Order for one 2017 Chevrolet Volt Hybrid Vehicle[Icon]
Item 2r - Purchase Order for Financial System Software Maintenance[Icon]
Item 2s - Statement of Investment Policy for Fiscal Year 2017-18[Icon]
Item 2t - Accept $40,000 gift from the Friends of the Arcadia Public Library[Icon]
Item 3a - The City of Arcadia Coyote Management Plan[Icon]
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