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2350[Icon] 10/17/2017 Amending Section 1704 to Chapter 7 of Arcticle I of the AMC establishing by-district elections.
2351 - Uncodified[Icon] 12/5/2017 Reauthorizing the fee paid to City by State Video Franchise Holders for public, educational and government access purposes.
2352[Icon] 1/16/2018 Amending Arcadia Municipal Code, changing General Election Date to Statewide General Election in November of even-numbered years, commencing November, 2022.
2353[Icon] 1/16/2018 Approving Joint Powers Agreement for Los Angeles Community Energy Program ("LACCE")
2355[Icon] 7/17/2018 Amendment to the Seabiscuit Pacifica Specific Plan (SP-SP), rezoning from General Commercial with Downtown Overlay to Seabiscuit Pacifica Specific Plan with height overlay of H8
2356[Icon] 8/7/2018 Approving Zone Change No. ZC 18-01 and Text Amendment No. TA 18-01, remove downtown overlay from Central Business Distrct Zone, increase maximum residential density and height in Downtown Mix Use
2357[Icon] 1/15/2019 Imposing Regulations on Sidewalk Vending
2358[Icon] 1/15/2019 Amending the Uniform Traffic Ordinance to create additional parking zone restrictions
2359[Icon] 4/2/2019 Amending Municiple Code, Article IX - Developement Code to implement Histroric Preservation Ordinance
2360[Icon] 4/16/2019 Amending Ch. 9 of Article VII of AMC relating to camping and storage of personal property on public property
2361[Icon] 6/4/2019 Establish a three-quaters percent general transactions and use tax (Sales Tax)
2362[Icon] 10/15/2019 Amending Article IV, Chapter 3 of Arcadia Municipal Code concerning Found Property
2363[Icon] 11/5/2019 Adopting Tex Amendment No. TA 19-01 amending various sections of Article IX, Chapter 1 to add and update standards, processes, and procedures for Home Owners Association
2364[Icon] 10/15/2019 Development Agreement No. DA 19-01, conversion of Self-storage building into multitenant food hall at 33-35 W. Huntington Drive
2365[Icon] 11/19/2019 Amending Arcadia Uniform Traffic Ordinance to authorize City to restrict designated parking spaces and stalls in off-street parking spaces for charging and parking vehicles
2366[Icon] 12/17/2019 Adoption of the 2019 Building Code
2367[Icon] 12/17/2019 Adoption of the 2019 Fire Code
2368[Icon] 12/3/2019 Amending Article VII, Chapter 5 of the MuniCode concerning the discontinuation of residential water service for nonpayment
2369 - Urgency Ordinance[Icon] 12/17/2019 amending variour sections of the Development Code related to Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units
2370[Icon] 1/21/2020 Amending sections of the Development Code related to Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units
2371 - No Action Taken[Icon] 12/17/2019 NO ACTION TAKEN/NOT ADOPTED
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