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2301[Icon] 11/13/2012
2302[Icon] 10/16/2012 Ordinance regarding an exemption from the noise limits.
2303[Icon] 11/6/2012 Arcadia Municipal Code Regarding Mobile Food Vending In The Public Right-Of-Way.
2304[Icon] 12/4/2012 An ordinance of the City Council of the City of Arcadia, CA, amending carious sections of chapter 2 and 4A of Article I of the Arcadia municipal code.
2305[Icon] 12/13/2012 An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Arcadia, CA, amending Article I of the Arcadia Municipal code.
2306[Icon] 1/15/2013 Establishment of Community Benefit Districts.
2307[Icon] 6/4/2013 Teh Hale Medical Center Specific Land Use Regulations
2308[Icon] 6/4/2013 The Hale Medical Center Specific Plan
2309[Icon] 7/16/2013 Standards & Training for Corrections Program
2310[Icon] 7/16/2013
2311[Icon] 7/16/2013 Utility Users Tax Rates
2312[Icon] 12/3/2013 Building Code Amendments
2313[Icon] 12/3/2013 Amending Fire Codes
2314[Icon] 4/1/2014 Seabiscuit Pacifica Specific Plan - two hotels (Marriott and Fairfield Inn Suites) at 130 W. Huntington Dr.
2315[Icon] 4/1/2014 Amendments to the Text of the Arcadia Zoning Code
2316[Icon] 5/6/2014 Construction Hours
2317[Icon] 5/20/2014 General Plan Update
2318[Icon] 9/16/2014 Sex Offender Regulations
2319[Icon] 11/4/2014 Amendment to the Seabiscuit Pacifica Specific Plan
2320[Icon] 11/18/2014 Require Compliance with State Prevailing Wage Requirements on City Public Works Projects
2321[Icon] 11/18/2014 Emergency Medical and Ambulance Transport Services
2322[Icon] 12/16/2014 Tree Preservation
2323[Icon] 3/3/2015 Amending Article IX, Chapter 7 of the Arcadia Municipal Code - Sycamore Tree Preservation
2324[Icon] 5/19/2015 To Update the City's Single-Family Residential Real Estate Sign and Developer-Contractor Sign Regulations
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