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2251[Icon] 11/18/2008 Interim Urgency Ordinance Extending Interim Urgency Ord. for Temporary Moratorium on Massage Therapy
2252[Icon] 12/16/2008 Repealing Ordinance No. 2228 which concerned a development agreement between the City of Arcadia and Santa Anita Associates, LLC
2253[Icon] 12/16/2008 Repealing Ordinance No. 2226 which concerned the adoption of the "The Shops at Santa Anita Park Specific Plan".
2254[Icon] 12/16/2008 Repealing Ordinance No. 2227 which concerned zoning changes pertaining to the shops at Santa Anita Park Project.
2255[Icon] 3/17/2009 Regulation of wireless communication facilities adding division 8 to part 8 of Chapter 2 of Article
2256[Icon] 5/5/2009 Amending Various Sections of Article IX
2257[Icon] 5/19/2009 Residency and Loitering restriction for sex offenders
2258[Icon] 6/16/2009 Amending Article IX, Chapter 2, Part 6 of AMC regarding Temporary Banners and Commerical and Industrial Parking
2259[Icon] 6/9/2009 Updating Telephone/Telecommunications Provisions of Utility User's Tax
2260[Icon] 8/18/2009 Concerning Licensing of Massage Therapist Businesses
2261[Icon] 8/18/2009 Urgency Ordinance - Prohibit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
2262[Icon] 9/1/2009 Prohibit Establishment/Operation of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
2263[Icon] 12/1/2009 Amending Business Permit and License Review Board
2264[Icon] 3/16/2010 Operator Conditions of Transient Occupancy Tax Liability Review
2265[Icon] 12/15/2009 Uniform Traffic Ordinance - Early Morning Parking Hours
2266[Icon] 1/5/2010 Assembly Uses - Federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act
2267[Icon] 12/15/2009 Water Efficient Landscaping
2268[Icon] 12/15/2009 Camping and Storage of Personal Property on Public Property
2269[Icon] 4/6/2010 Zone Change ZC 09-10 for 728 West Huntington Drive
2270[Icon] 2/16/2010 Amending Early Morning Parking
2271[Icon] 6/15/2010 Pay all Taxes, Assessments, Fees, Interest and Penalties as Condition to seeking Judicial Review
2272[Icon] 12/7/2010 2010 General Plan Update Project and Establishing New Zoning Regulations for Downtown Mixed Use, Mixed Use and Restricted Multi-Family
2273[Icon] 12/7/2010 General Plan Update - 2010
2274[Icon] 12/7/2010 Certifying the 2010 Zoning Map
2275[Icon] 7/6/2010 Personal Service Business Uses
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