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7304[Icon] Declaring its intention to levy and collect assessments within the Arcadia Citywide Litghting District No. 1 for FY2020-21 and appointing a time and place for a Public Hearing
7305[Icon] Certifying the April 14, 2020 Municipal Election for District 1 and District 4
7306[Icon] Setting service rates for the collection of residentail refuse and recyclables pursuant to Section 5120.7 of the Arcadia Municipal Code
7307[Icon] Continued participation in the Los Angeles Urban County Community Development Block Grant Program ("CDBG") and agreement with Los Angeles County Development Authority
7309[Icon] Amending Resolution No. 7204 establishing compensation and related benefits for employees represented by the Arcadia City Employees Assciation (Senior Civil Engineer)
7310[Icon] Confirming Engineer's Report for the Levy and Collection of Arcadia Citywide Lighting District No. 1 and associated Assessment Diagram and ordering the Levy and collection of assessments for FY20-21
7311[Icon] Ratifying an emergency appropriation and amending the FY2019-20 General Fund Budget, supplemental appropriation in the amount of $20,000 due to COVID-19
7312[Icon] Adopting Vehicle Miles Traveled thresholds of signifcance for purposes of analyzing transporation impacts under CEQA
7313[Icon] Application for and receipt of California Department of Housing and Community Development Local Early Action Planning Grants Program Funds
7314[Icon] Establishing an appropriations limit for FY 2020-21 pursuant to Article XIII-B of the California Constitution
7315[Icon] Adopting a budget for FY2020-21 and appropriating the amounts specified therein as expenditures from the funds
7316[Icon] adopting a Capital Improvement and Equipment Plan for FY2020-21 through 2024-25
7317[Icon] Adopting a list of projects for FY2020-21 funded by SB:1 the Road Repair & accountability Act of 2017
7318[Icon] Approving Parcel Map No. 711825, accepting dedication of certain property at 2111-2125 Cayon Rd
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