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7279[Icon] Requesting Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles to render full services to the City relating to the conduct of the April 14, 2020 Election
7280[Icon] Regulations for Candidates for Elective Office pertainint to Candidates Statements submitted to voters at the April 14, 2020 All-Mail Ballot Election
7281[Icon] Authorizing street closures for Annual Festival of Bands Parades by the Arcadia High School Music Club
7282[Icon] Supporting the Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2020
7283[Icon] Adopting a Policy on Residential Water Service Shut-Off for nonpayment
7284[Icon] Accepting a dedication of certain property at 601 Sunset Blvd. along Michillinda Ave. property frontage as part of Parcel Map 71885 for public use
7285[Icon] Authorizing Application for and receipt of SB 2 Planning Grants Program Funds
7286[Icon] Setting Water Rates and finding rates will not exceed estimated amount necessary to fund operation of Water System for Calendar Year 2020
7287[Icon] Setting Sewer Rates and finding rates will not exceed the estimated amount necessary to fund the operation of sewer system for Calendar Year 2020
7288[Icon] Wage Adjustments for unrepresented, non-benefited part-time employees in accordance with California's minimum wage increase effective 1/1/2020
7289[Icon] Supplemental Appropriation for Gold Line Station Pedestrian Linkage Project
7290[Icon] Amending FY2019-20 Capital Improvement Program, authorizing a supplemental appropriation for the Orange Grove Water Facility Emergency Generator Project in the amount of $113,419.31
7291[Icon] Cancelling the April 14, 2020, Generla Municipal Election for City Clerk
7292[Icon] Wee Abatement
7293[Icon] Supplemental Budget Appropriation in the amount of $70,000, offse a reduction in General Fund Reserve, Change Order to Purcahse Order with Performance Truck Repair, Inc.
7294[Icon] Adopting an Unfunded Accrued Liability Funding Policy.
7295[Icon] Budget Appropriation of $30,000 to commence a judicial validation proceeding for issuance of Pension Obligation Bonds
7296[Icon] Budget Appropriation of $15,000 for review and update to the 2017 Classification and Compensation Study
7297[Icon] Issuance of pension oblication bonds, judicial validation proceedings
7298[Icon] budget appropriation in the amount of $97,000, offset by a reduction in the Proposition A and C Reserve Fun for Gold Line Station Pedestrian Linkage Project
7299[Icon] Budget appropriation form Emergency Reserve Fund in the amount of $50,000 to purchase emergencies supplies for Covid-19
7300[Icon] Ratigying and declaring the existence of a local emergency regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
7301[Icon] Submittal of FY2019-20 Transportation Developemtn Act - Article 4 Claim Forms ot receive Capitl and Operatin Funds for Arcadia Transit
7302[Icon] Initiating proceedings for the Annual Levy and Collection of Assessments for Arcadia Citywide Lighting District No. 1
7303[Icon] Approving the preliminary Engineer's Report of Willdan Financial Services for the Arcadia Citywide Lighting District No. 1
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