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7229[Icon] Revenue to be raised from Property Taxes for FY18-19 for debto service on 2011 and 2012 General Obligation Bonds
7230[Icon] Opposing Assembly Bill 931 (Weber) Criminal Procedure: Use of force by Peace Officers
7231[Icon] Approving and Accepting the negotiated exchange of Property Tax Revenue resulting from the reorganization of territory known as City of Arcadia Reorganization No. 2018-03
7232[Icon] Amending Resolution No. 7080 establishing Compensation Benefits and related Benefits for City Council, Executive Managment, (Assistant to the City Manager)
7233[Icon] Approving Final Map No. 77169, combine 10 legal lots into one lot, accept dedication for two story at 11700 Goldring Rd.
7234[Icon] Amending Resolution No. 7194, establishing hourly wage schedule for Part-time Police Investigation Technician
7235[Icon] Setting Water Rates to fund the operation of the Water System for 2019
7236[Icon] Setting Sewer Rates to fund the operation of the Sewer System for 2019
7237[Icon] Adopting an Amended Conflict of Interest Code
7238[Icon] Wage Adjustments for Unrepresented, Non-Benefited Part-time Employees in accordance with 2019 CA minimum wage increase
7239[Icon] Establishing and/or Adjusting variour fees for City Services
7240[Icon] Establishing and/or adjusting fees for City Services relating to Historic Preservation and Annual Overnight Parking & Transfer Permit
7241[Icon] Weed Abatement
7242[Icon] Fiscal Emergency Findings with General Fund Mid-Year Budget Review and long range financial forecast plan.
7243[Icon] Requests for Financial Assistance under the Natural Disaster Assistance Act and Similar Statutes
7244[Icon] Amending Reso No. 7202 extending the term of the Citizens Financial Advisory Committee, reappointment of current members
7245[Icon] Los Angeles Area Regional Training Group Joint Powers Agreement and City Membership
7246[Icon] Calling for a General Tax Measure on the Ballot at the June 4, 2019, Special Election
7247[Icon] Los Angeles County to render full services to the City relating to the conduct of the Special Municipal Election on Tuesday, June 4, 2019
7248[Icon] Filing of Primary and Rebuttal Arguments and setting rules for filing written arguments regarding a City Measure for June 4, 2019 Special Election
7249[Icon] Electing to be exempt from the Congestion Management Program
7250[Icon] Adopting a list of projects for Fiscal Year 2019-20 funded by SB 1: The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017
7251[Icon] Amending Resolution No. 7080 - Fringe Benefits Resolution, reclassifying the Accountant Position to Management, and adding new classification of Senior Accountant
7252[Icon] Setting service rates for colletion of residential refuse and recyclables
7253[Icon] Approving Final Map No. 73061 for ten-unit multi-family residential condominium development at 1222 Temple City Boulevard
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