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7204[Icon] MOU establishing compensation and benefits for Arcadia City Employes Association ("ACEA")
7205[Icon] MOU establishing compensation and benefits for Arcadia Public Works Employees Association ("APWEA")
7206[Icon] MOU establishing compensation and benefits for Arcadia Police Officers Association ("APOA")
7207[Icon] MOU establishing compensation and benefits for Arcadia Police Civilian Employess Associaiton ("APCEA")
7208[Icon] Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018
7209[Icon] Opposing Senate Bill 827 - Transit Rich Housing Bonus Legislation
7210[Icon] Establishing compensation and benefits for City Council, Executive Management, Management and Unrepresented Confidential Employees
7211[Icon] Submittal of FY2017-18 Transportation Development Act - Article 4 Claims Forms to receive capital and operating funds for Arcadia Transit
7212[Icon] List of projects for Fiscal Year 2018-19 Funded by SB 1: The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017
7213[Icon] Setting Service Rates for the collection of Residential Refuse and Recyclables pursuant to section 5120.7 of the AMC
7214[Icon] MOU among Southern CA Association of Governments, LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and LA County Transit Operators
7215[Icon] Reciting the facts of All Mail Ballot General Municipal Election in District 2 and District 5 on Tuesday, April 10, 2018
7216[Icon] Annual Levy and Collection of Assessments for the Citywide Lighting District No. 1
7217[Icon] Approving Preliminary Engineer's Report of Willdan Financial Services for Citywide Lighting District No. 1
7218[Icon] Intention to levy and collect assessments within the Arcadia Citywide Lighting District No. 1 for FY 2018-19
7219[Icon] Approving Parcel Map No. 70963
7220[Icon] Confirming Engineer's Report for Levy and Collection of Arcadia citywide Lighting District No. 1
7221[Icon] Authorizing Arcadia Police Department to use funds for Front Line Police Services
7222[Icon] Establishing an Appropriations Limit for FY2018-19
7223[Icon] Approving General Plan Amendment No. GPA 18-02 at 100 and 180 W. Huntington Dr.
7224[Icon] Addopting a budget for FY
7225[Icon] Adopting Capital Improvement and Equipment Plan for FY2018-19
7226[Icon] Issuance of the CA Statewide Communities Development Authority Hospital Revenue Refunding Bonds (Methodist Hospital)
7227[Icon] General Plan Amendment No. GPA 18-01 to increase the maximum residential density and height in the dowtown mixed use zone and central business district
7228[Icon] Execute all Right-of-Way Certifications for all State and Federally Funded Projects and sign funding documents associated with Grant Funding Allocations between City and State of CA
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