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7179[Icon] The City of Arcadia declaring its intention to transition form at-large to district-based elections.
7180[Icon] Revisions to TPM 09-08 (71182) - Two lot subdivision and grading for two single-family residences at 2111-2125 Canyon Rd.
7181[Icon] Seabiscuit Pacifica Specific Plan - Approve Delta Hotel by Marriott to replace 2 previously approved hotels at 130 W. Huntington Dr.
7182[Icon] Dedication of certain property at 615 S. Second Ave. (12-ft width dedication along property frontage) for public use.
7183[Icon] Deny Appeal of PC Reso No. 1991. 10 Unit Residential Condominium at 837-841 W, Huntington Dr.
7184[Icon] Amending FY 2017-18 Annual Capital Improvement Program to include RMRA Funding
7185[Icon] The Vacation of a Public Utility Easement that was previously retained in the vacation of portions of Cornell Dr. and Windsor Rd.
7186[Icon] Rescinding Resolution No. 7179, transition from At-Large to By-District Elections
7187[Icon] Setting City water rates for calendar year 2018
7188[Icon] Setting City sewer rates for calendar year 2018
7189[Icon] Approving grant of easement to So Cal Edison for public utilities on 33 W. Huntington Dr. for Morlan Place Underground Utility District
7190[Icon] Calling for the holding of an All Mail Ballot General Municipal Election on April 10, 2018 for districts 2,3, and 5
7191[Icon] Los Angeles County to render specified services to the City relating to the April 10, 2018 All Mail Ballot General Municipal Election
7192[Icon] Adopting regulations for candidates for elective office pertaining to candidate statements for the April 10, 2018 All Mail Ballot General Municipal Election
7193[Icon] Approving amendments to San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments Joint Powers Agreement
7194[Icon] Approving Wage adjustments for unrepresented non-benefited part-time employees in accordance with California's minimum wage increase effective January 1, 2018.
7195[Icon] Approving Final Map No. 73106 with a categorical exemption under CEQA for a 20 unit mult-family residential condominium subdivision at 501 N. Santa Anita Ave.
7196[Icon] Appeal Planning Commission Approval of Conditional use Permint No. CUP 17-12 for new tutoring center at 909 S. Santa Anita Avenue, Unit I
7197[Icon] Appointing Board Member and two alternates for Los Angeles Community Choice Energy ("LACCE") Joint Powers Authority
7198[Icon] Annual County Weed Abatement
7199[Icon] Establishing Library and Museum Services Department Fee for Passport Services
7200[Icon] Application for Land and Water Conservation Fund Fairview Park Improvement Project
7201[Icon] Appointing Sho Tay to City Council to represent District No. 3, cancelling All Ballot Municipal Election in District No. 3
7202[Icon] Establishing a Citizen's Financial Advisory Committee
7203[Icon] MOU establishing compensation and benefits for Arcadia Fire Fighters Associaiton ("AFFA")
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