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7154[Icon] Denial of Applicant's Appeal and Waiver - Wireless Communication Facility
7155[Icon] Minimum Wage Increase - Part time employees
7156[Icon] Setting City Water Rates
7157[Icon] Setting City Sewer Rates
7158[Icon] General Plan Amendment - 130 W. Huntington Drive
7159[Icon] Vacation of a portion of Colorado Blvd.
7160[Icon] Supporting Representative on the Board of the SG vAsin Water Quality Authority
7161[Icon] Street Policy to comply with Metro policies
7162[Icon] ordering the vacation of portion of Colorado Blvd.
7163[Icon] Weed Abatement
7164[Icon] Intention to vacate an Easement for Street and Highway purposes
7165[Icon] Setting Service Rates for Collection of Residential Refuse and Recyclables
7166[Icon] Vacation of an Easement for Street and Highway purposes
7167[Icon] Citywide Street Lighting Assessment District - ordering the preparation of Engineer's Report
7168[Icon] Citywide Street Lighting Assessment District - approving preliminary Engineer's Report
7169[Icon] Citywide Street Lighting Assessment District - FY 2017-18, appointing time and place for Public Hearing
7170[Icon] Adopting a Budget for FY 2017-18
7171[Icon] Adopting a Capital Improvement and Equipment plan for FY 2017-18 through 2021-22
7172[Icon] Levy and Collection of Citiwide Lighting District No. 1 for FY 17-18
7173[Icon] Establishing Appropriations limit for FY 2017-18
7174[Icon] Authorization for PD to use funds allocated from the Citizens' options for public safety supplemental law enforcement services fund for the purpose of front line police services
7175[Icon] Adoption of the 2017 Recreation and Parks Master Plan
7176[Icon] General Plan Amendments and Zone Change at 303, 305, 307, and 309 E. Foothill Blvd.
7177[Icon] Determine amount of revenue to raise from property taxes for FY 2017-18
7178[Icon] FY 2016-17 Transportation Development Act - Article 4 Claim Forms to receive Capital and Operating Funds for Arcadia Transit
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