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RESOLUTION NO. 7281 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA, <br /> CALIFORNIA AUTHORIZING STREET CLOSURES FOR ANNUAL <br /> FESTIVAL OF BANDS PARADES BY THE ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL <br /> MUSIC CLUB <br /> WHEREAS, the Arcadia High School Music Club has held a Festival of Bands <br /> Parade for the past 65 years. The festival takes place in the City of Arcadia and has <br /> required the assistance of the Arcadia Police Department for street closures; and <br /> WHEREAS, the next Festival of Bands Parade will take place on Saturday, <br /> November 23, 2019, marking the 66th anniversary of the event. Like past Festival of <br /> Bands Parades, Arcadia Police Department personnel will provide parade route security <br /> for the event and Public Works Services supplies barricades and assistance in <br /> preparation for street closure and traffic diversion; and <br /> WHEREAS, the parades have been of similar scale, and the parade route and <br /> event details have remained consistent over the years; and <br /> WHEREAS, the parade has the bands exit Gate 1 from the Santa Anita Race <br /> Track parking lot onto westbound Huntington Drive to southbound Baldwin Avenue to <br /> eastbound Duarte Road to northbound El Monte Avenue to eastbound Campus Drive <br /> into the disband area (Exhibit "A"). Parade awards are given at the High School and <br /> then the bands move by vehicle to another venue for the field competition; and <br /> WHEREAS, although it is possible for the parade route to change in future years, <br /> the route is expected to remain consistent and any deviations would be communicated <br /> to the City ahead of time by the Arcadia High School; and <br /> WHEREAS, each year arrangements are made for the temporary posting of no <br /> parking signs on the parade route and other areas near the parade. Posting occurs <br /> 1 <br />