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Vons Corporate Headquarters site at 618 Michillinda Avenue and 1101 W. Huntington Drive; and <br /> that the architect appeared and received comments from the City Council. <br /> 6. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION FROM CITY MANAGER REGARDING AGENDA <br /> ITEMS <br /> City Manager Lazzaretto stated that due to the number of speaker cards submitted regarding City <br /> Manager Item 12.a, the Mayor will be accepting comments from the public at that time, and that <br /> there will a 3 minutes time limit per speaker; and requested the City Council table City Manager <br /> Item 12.b so that staff can revise the ordinance to include citywide lost and found property, not <br /> just at the Library. Mayor Pro Tern Chandler concurred with the City Manager's request. <br /> 7. MOTION TO READ ALL ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS BY TITLE ONLY AND <br /> WAIVE THE READING IN FULL <br /> A motion was made by Mayor Pro Tern Chandler and seconded by Council Member Amundson <br /> to read all ordinances and resolutions by title only and waive the reading in full. <br /> 8. PRESENTATIONS <br /> a. Mayor's Certificates of Achievement to TOPKids Center students for winning awards <br /> at the 2019 International Drone Design Competition. <br /> 9. PUBLIC COMMENTS <br /> Dan Bacani, Lee and Associates, appeared and introduced Goki Café, which will be going in at <br /> 214 N. First Avenue; he complimented Economic Development Management Analyst Tim <br /> Schwehr and Mr. Kruckeberg for the great they did to bring this business to Arcadia; he read a <br /> message from Ron Mills, who also indicated what an outstanding job everyone did and is looking <br /> forward to the grand opening; and indicated that this is a great example of the community all <br /> coming together to bring a great uniqueness to the City. <br /> Andres Webster, owner of Goki Café, appeared and invited everyone to their grand opening in <br /> October, and offered his services to the community. <br /> 10. REPORTS FROM MAYOR, CITY COUNCIL AND CITY CLERK (including reports from <br /> the City Council related to meetings attended at City expense SAB 1234]). <br /> Council Member Tay announced that he attended a seminar today in Santa Monica and City <br /> Manager Lazzaretto was the speaker, and indicated that the topic of discussion was "10 tips for <br /> Elected Officials", which he distributed to the other elected officials. <br /> Mayor Pro Tern Chandler indicated that he visited Del Mar Race Track this past weekend and <br /> saw Vince Foley and his wife Dolores, who are former Arcadia residents. <br /> Council Member Beck indicated that he was surprised at the number of residents in attendance <br /> at the meeting to complain about the configuration of Eisenhower Park, considering the number <br /> of community outreach hearings that the City conducted. <br /> Council Member Amundson indicated that he appreciated the accolades given by Dan Bacani to <br /> City staff, and feels that the Downtown area was in need of a coffee shop in that area; he also <br /> 2 08-20-2019 <br />