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Connie Liao, an Arcadia resident, appeared and also thanked Mayor Tay for his service. <br /> 9. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> a. Regular Meeting Minutes of March 19, 2019. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> b. Ordinance No. 2360 amending Chapter 9 of Article VII of the City of Arcadia Municipal <br /> Code relating to camping and storage of personal property on public property. <br /> Recommended Action: Adopt <br /> c. Resolution No. 7250 adopting a list of projects for Fiscal Year 2019-20 funded by <br /> Senate Bill 1 - The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. <br /> Recommended Action: Adopt <br /> d. Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with Southland Sports for <br /> basketball officials for all youth and adult basketball leagues in an amount not to <br /> exceed $37,900. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> e. Resolution No. 7251 amending Resolution No. 7080 ("The Fringe Benefits <br /> Resolution") by reclassifying the Accountant position to Management, and adding a <br /> new classification of Senior Accountant. <br /> Recommended Action: Adopt <br /> It was moved by Council Member Beck, seconded by Council Member Amundson, and carried <br /> on roll call vote to approve Consent Calendar items 9.a through 9.e. <br /> AYES: Beck, Amundson, Chandler, Verlato, and Tay <br /> NOES: None <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> 10. PRESENTATIONS TO OUTGOING MAYOR SHO TAY <br /> Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger <br /> Maile Z. Plan on behalf of Congresswoman Judy Chu <br /> Giselle Sorial on behalf of Senator Susan Rubio <br /> Henry Lo on behalf of Assembly Member Ed Chau <br /> David Vannasdall on behalf of the Arcadia Unified School District <br /> Romy Rahmanian and Karen Mac Nair on behalf of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce <br /> Brian Ursettie on behalf of the Arcadia Fire Fighter's Association <br /> Detective Barry Miller on behalf of the Arcadia Police Officers' Association <br /> Donna Choi and Martin Gandell on behalf of the Downtown Arcadia Improvement <br /> Association <br /> Jamie Lee on behalf of the Arcadia Chinese Association <br /> Pete Siberell on behalf of Santa Anita Park <br /> Mayor Pro Tem April Verlato on behalf of the City of San Gabriel <br /> Mayor Pro Tern April Verlato on behalf of the City of Arcadia <br /> Remarks were made by Mayor Sho Tay. <br /> 2 04-16-2019 <br />