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ORDINANCE NO. 2356 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA, <br /> CALIFORNIA, APPROVING ZONE CHANGE NO. ZC 18-01 AND TEXT <br /> AMENDMENT NO. TA 18-01 TO REMOVE THE DOWNTOWN OVERLAY <br /> FROM THE CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT ZONE, AND INCREASE <br /> THE MAXIMUM RESIDENTIAL DENSITY AND HEIGHT IN THE <br /> DOWNTOWN MIXED USE ZONE ("DMU") AND IN THE CENTRAL <br /> BUSINESS DISTRICT ("CBD") ZONE, AND ALLOW AN IN-LIEU <br /> PARKING FEE AND APPROVE A NEW CITY CENTER DESIGN PLAN <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Arcadia Development Services Department initiated a <br /> General Plan Amendment, Zone Change and a Text Amendment, to increase the <br /> residential density and building height limit in the Downtown Mixed Use ("DMU") and <br /> Central Business District ("CBD") Zones, remove the Downtown Overlay from parcels <br /> with a CBD zoning classification, allow an In-lieu Parking Fee as a parking option for <br /> new development in the DMU and CBD Zones and within the Downtown area, and <br /> approve a new City Center Design Plan, which will provide additional design guidelines <br /> for development in the DMU and CBD Zones described in the staff report dated July 17, <br /> 2018. The Zone Change and Text Amendment ("Amendments") are reflected in Exhibits <br /> "A" and "B" attached to this Ordinance; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Zone Change includes changes to the Zoning Map to remove <br /> the Downtown Overlay Zone ("Overlay") from parcels zoned CBD. The purpose of the <br /> Overlay was to provide an exception to the maximum building height by allowing a <br /> building height of 48 feet. No other changes to development rights will be affected by <br /> the proposed Zone Change; therefore, the incentive provided by the Overlay is no <br /> longer needed and removal is warranted; and <br /> WHEREAS, the proposed Text Amendment increases the residential density <br /> from 30-50 units per acre to 80 units per acre and increases the maximum building <br /> 1 <br />