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south Arcadia; she stated that young families cannot afford to buy homes in Arcadia; and <br /> indicated that she is sick of Arcadia being the place where developers go shopping. <br /> Edmund Liu, an Arcadia resident, appeared and stated that he is glad the election is over, but <br /> feels that it is just the beginning of a movement; he spoke about the election process, and feels <br /> that people are already united; he stated that the next election is in two years and hopes the <br /> City Council can work together to bridge the two sides and stop spreading more hate and to <br /> stop speaking bad about each other; he urged the City Council to follow the trend and past <br /> traditions and name Mayor Pro Tern Tay as Mayor; he stated that under Mayor Pro Tern Tay's <br /> leadership, he feels the Arcadia community will be united as one community. <br /> Liangyi Gu, an Arcadia resident, appeared and read an excerpt from the book Homesick: My <br /> Own Story" by Jean Fritz; she also read a letter from the Chinese community, and urged the <br /> City Council to consider naming Mayor Pro Tem Tay Mayor for the next year. <br /> Shirley Feng, an Arcadia resident, appeared and congratulated all of the candidates; she <br /> commented on an article she read in Science Magazine, "Science of Fake News Addressing <br /> Fake News Requires Multi-Disciplinary Efforts'; and stated that the Serra Madre Tattler and <br /> NextDoor put out misleading information; she asked the City Council, for future elections, that <br /> the City hold public debate platforms so candidates can express their political beliefs in public, <br /> and feels that this would avoid confusion; she stated that she is very proud to use her cell phone <br /> for her notes, and feels that this helps keep the environment clean. <br /> Vivian Huang, an Arcadia resident, appeared and stated that everyone is glad the election is <br /> over, and feels that this is just the beginning of a movement; she stated that the community is <br /> already feeling united; she indicated that it is okay to disagree, but it is not okay to start name <br /> calling or shaming someone for their race or culture, because it will affect future elections; and <br /> she urged the City Council to put an end to this and make a change for the good of the <br /> community. <br /> REPORTS FROM MAYOR, CITY COUNCIL AND CITY CLERK (including reports from the <br /> City Council related to meetings attended at City expense(AB 1234]). <br /> In response, to Mayor Amundson's inquiry regarding the second count of election ballots, Chief <br /> Deputy City Clerk-Elections Official Lisa Mussenden responded that the second count and <br /> manual tallying of valid election ballots will be processed on April 20, at 9:30 a.m. in the Council <br /> Conference Room, and is open to the public. <br /> City Clerk Glasco announced the free Mulch Give Away on April 21, at the Arcadia Public <br /> Library. <br /> Council Member Chandler stated that the Waste Management Household Paint program is an <br /> outstanding program and encouraged residents to use it; he described some items that are <br /> considered recyclables, and those that China will not accept; he thanked all the comments from <br /> the public, and stated that he is also glad the election is over. <br /> Council Member Beck responded to comments made by Edmund Lui; he stated that he sent out <br /> 8 mailers which were all clean and positive; he stated that he also wants harmony on the City <br /> Council, and commented on the negative campaigning; he spoke about comments made by <br /> Mayor Pro Tem Tay in mailers that were sent out, and feels that a Mayor should not be sending <br /> out negative mailers; he stated that Mayor Pro Tern Tay accepted money from a developer and <br /> 3 04-17-2018 <br />