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Grace Kwok, an Arcadia resident, appeared and spoke about the negative campaigning in this <br /> election regarding racism; and urged Mayor Amundson to show respect to the Chinese- <br /> American community and stand against racism, and vote Sho Tay for Mayor. <br /> Judy (no last name given), an Arcadia resident, appeared and read a prepared statement <br /> addressed to Mayor Amundson, on behalf of an Arcadia resident (no name given), regarding his <br /> responsibility as Mayor, and the selection of Mayor Pro Tem Tay as Mayor. <br /> Jolly Wu, an Arcadia resident, appeared and thanked Mr. Amundson for his year as Mayor; she <br /> provided statistics in the election regarding Chinese-Americans that voted; she indicated that <br /> each City Council Member is a reputable person and they should be able to choose our Mayor, <br /> and that residents should not give them pressure; she stated that the decision should be based <br /> on the person's morality, ethics, and capability to lead this City to a new and united City. <br /> Former Mayor Gail Marshall appeared and congratulated Mayor Amundson on the birth of his <br /> first grandchild, and thanked him for his year of service as Mayor; she stated that she <br /> appreciates his effort to try and unite the City, but unfortunately Mr. Tay and Mr. Chandler have <br /> divided this City; she stated that she believes there has been fraudulent voting in this election <br /> and feels that Council Member Chandler stole the election from Joyce Platt; she challenged <br /> Council Member Verlato, Council Member Beck, and Mayor Amundson to look into the <br /> fraudulent voting that is mentioned in the Sierra Madre Tattler; and asked the City Council if they <br /> would vote for an immoral person to run the City. <br /> Arthur Fry, an Arcadia resident, appeared and thanked Mayor Amundson for his year of service <br /> as Mayor, and the notebook he handed out at the Mayor's breakfast; he stated that Arcadia has <br /> a Class I Fire Department, and one of the best Police Departments in the whole valley; he <br /> thanked the Police Chief for keeping Arcadia safe; and stated that we have a Vice Mayor that is <br /> ready to step in as Mayor, and feels that it is the right thing to do. <br /> Charles Greene, an Arcadia resident, appeared and stated that he feels the recent election has <br /> badly blemished the City's image, and would like the City Council to restore the integrity and <br /> civility, and friendly welcoming image of Arcadia when electing the next Mayor; he stated that <br /> Mayor Pro Tern Tay and Council Member Chandler have divided the City; that it is time to make <br /> Arcadia great again and elect a Mayor who will represent all Arcadians fairly, with integrity, <br /> civility and upstanding character. <br /> John McMahon, an Arcadia resident, appeared and indicated that he is very upset by all the <br /> negativity, and upset that it has gotten into the choosing of our next Mayor; he stated that the <br /> article in the Arcadia Weekly is full of innuendo and accusation, but no substance; and cited the <br /> acknowledgement of an allegation made against Sho Tay in the Arcadia Weekly; he stated that <br /> Mayor Pro Tem Tay makes himself accessible to the public; and encouraged the City Council to <br /> ignore the negativity and follow the precedence of Mayor. <br /> Lindy (no last name given), an Arcadia resident, appeared and stated that she supports Mayor <br /> Pro Tem Tay and provided the reasons why he is the best candidate for Mayor; she stated that <br /> Arcadia is divided now and with his cultural background, he will bring back Arcadia as one and <br /> do good things; and on behalf of her and her family, they support Mr. Tay as Mayor. <br /> I <br /> 3 04-24-2018 <br />