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Council Member Verlato announced she attended the Arboretum's Peacock Day on March 24, <br /> the Maki Hsieh performance on March 24, the Chamber Installation Dinner on March 28, and the <br /> Silver Circle Dinner on April 2; she indicated that she will be attending the Mayor's Breakfast on <br /> April 6, and will not be attending the Santa Anita Derby Day 5K event; and stated that April 10, is <br /> her birthday and that she will be visiting the Waste Management Processing Center in Baldwin <br /> Park. <br /> Mayor Pro Tern Tay commented on the Silver Circle Volunteer Dinner and number of volunteer <br /> hours provided to the City; he discussed campaign contributions from developers and suggested <br /> people not be labeled; he stated Arcadia's founding father, Lucky Baldwin, was a developer; he <br /> discussed the mailer quoting statistics from Chief Guthrie's March 17 email, and provided <br /> statistics from the Arcadia Police Department Weekly Activity Report, and stated he felt crime <br /> rates were high; he discussed the City's goal to bring the community together, "One Arcadia", <br /> and the need to accept each other and not call people names; he explained that he ran <br /> unopposed but still received campaign contributions; and discussed the "Dim Sum with a <br /> Detective", benefitting the Arcadia Police Foundation. <br /> City Clerk Glasco discussed Assembly Bill 55, allowing City Clerks to sanctify marriages in the <br /> State of California, and the process for him to perform a marriage; and stated he also attended <br /> the Maki Hsieh Concert, the Chamber Installation Dinner, and the Silver Circle Dinner. <br /> Mayor Amundson announced the free Mulch Giveaway on April 21 and April 28, at the Arcadia <br /> Public Library Parking lot; he stated the City was participating in the Wyland's National Mayor's <br /> Challenge for Water Conservation and encouraged residents to participate and sign up; he <br /> reminded residents of the Mayor's Breakfast on April 6, with proceeds benefitting the Foothill <br /> Unity Center; and stated he also attended the Silver Circle Dinner. <br /> City Manager Lazaretto suggested residents interested in volunteering can go to the City's <br /> website for information. <br /> Mayor Amundson further discussed coyote issues and encouraged residents to continue to call <br /> in issues; and wished City Attorney Steve Deitsch a Happy Birthday. <br /> 1. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> a. Special and Regular Meeting Minutes of February 20, 2018. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> b. Resolution No. 7211 authorizing submittal of the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Transportation <br /> Development Act—Article 4 Claim Forms to receive Capital and Operating Funds for <br /> Arcadia Transit. <br /> Recommended Action: Adopt <br /> c. Contract with Rov Allan Slurry Seal, Inc. for the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Annual Slurry <br /> Seal Proiect in the amount of$589,510. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> d. Contract with Ramona, Inc. for Phase 3 of the Huntington Drive Sewer Capacity <br /> Improvement Proiect in the amount of$284,950. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> 2 04-03-2018 <br />