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ORDINANCE NO. 2352 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA, <br /> CALIFORNIA AMENDING SECTION 1700 OF CHAPTER 7 OF ARTICLE <br /> 1 OF THE ARCADIA MUNICIPAL CODE, CHANGING THE GENERAL <br /> MUNICIPAL ELECTION DATE FROM APRIL OF EVEN-NUMBERED <br /> YEARS TO THE STATEWIDE GENERAL ELECTION IN NOVEMBER <br /> OF EVEN-NUMBERED YEARS, COMMENCING WITH THE <br /> NOVEMBER, 2022 ELECTION, IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH <br /> CALIFORNIA SENATE BILL 415 <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to Arcadia City Charter, Section 1100, and Arcadia <br /> Municipal Code, Section 1700, the City of Arcadia ("City") currently holds its general <br /> municipal election for City Council members and other City elected officials on the <br /> second Tuesday of April in each even-numbered year; and <br /> WHEREAS, the California Voter Participation Rights Act (SB 415 — California <br /> Elections Code sections 14050-14057) becomes effective January 1, 2018 and prohibits <br /> a political subdivision (including cities) from holding a general election on a date other <br /> than on a statewide primary (March) or statewide general election date (November) in <br /> even-numbered years, if holding an election on a non-statewide election date has <br /> previously resulted in a "significant decrease in voter turnout", which is defined by SB <br /> 415 as at least 25% less voter turnout than the average voter turnout within the City for <br /> the previous four statewide general elections (November, 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016); <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, on July 11, 2017, the California Attorney General issued an opinion <br /> stating that SB 415 applies to charter cities because improving voter turnout at elections <br /> is a matter of "statewide concern", in which case State law prevails over any conflicting <br /> charter provision; and <br /> WHEREAS, according to County voting records, the average eligible voter <br /> turnout within the City for the previous four statewide general elections (November, <br /> 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016), was 54.6%; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City's general municipal election date is not a statewide election <br /> date and the April, 2016 general municipal election resulted in approximately 32.5% of <br /> eligible voter turnout; and <br />