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<br />Adoption of the 2017-18 Operating Budget and <br />CIP and Equipment Plan Resolutions <br />June 6, 2017 <br />Page 1of 16 <br />DATE:June 6,2017 <br />TO:Honorable Mayor and City Council <br />FROM:Dominic Lazzaretto, City Manager <br />Hue Quach, Administrative Services Director <br />SUBJECT:ADOPTION OF THE 2017-18 FISCAL YEAR BUDGETS <br />RESOLUTION NO.7170ADOPTING ABUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR <br />2017-18AND APPROPRIATING THE AMOUNTS SPECIFIED THEREIN <br />AS EXPENDITURES FROMTHE VARIOUS FUNDS <br />Recommendation: Adopt <br />RESOLUTION NO. 7171ADOPTING A CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT AND <br />EQUIPMENT PLAN FOR FISCAL YEARS 2017-18THROUGH 2021-22 <br />Recommendation: Adopt <br />SUMMARY <br />Sections 1204 and 1205 of the Arcadia City Charter require a public notice and a public <br />hearing for consideration of the proposedOperating Budget and Five-Year Capital <br />Program for the ensuing fiscal yearwhich is required to be adopted by July 1.The <br />recommended actions are necessary to implement the budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18. <br />This year’s budget process began in February with an all-day planning and goal setting <br />workshop and included oneBudget Study Session with the City Councilon the draft <br />documents.Based on the input received, the FY 2017-18Preliminary Budget was <br />distributed to the City Council on May 16, 2017. Submitted for the City Council’s review <br />were all operating funds including General, Special Revenues, Enterprise, and the <br />Successor Agency.Additionally, the City Council received the Capital Improvement and <br />Equipment Replacement Fund budgets in a separate document. All funds total $109.5 <br />million in expenditures, of which the General Fund’s budget is $59.8million(excluding <br />Transfers Out noted below).As Special Revenues, Enterprise, and Debt Service funds <br />are restricted to specific purposes and are generally self-sustaining, this report will <br />primarily focus on the General Fund’s Operating Budget. <br />As presented, the proposed FY 2017-18General Fund Operating Budget anticipates <br />Total Operating Revenues of $62.2million and Operating Expenses at $62.2 million, <br /> <br />