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<br /> <br />DATE: May 16, 2017 <br /> <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br /> <br />FROM: Jason Kruckeberg, Assistant City Manager/Development Services Director <br /> Philip A. Wray, Deputy Director of Development Services/City Engineer <br /> By: Linda Hui, Transportation Services Manager <br /> <br />SUBJECT: RESOLUTION NO. 7178 AUTHORIZING SUBMITTAL OF THE FISCAL <br />YEAR 2016-17 TRANSPORTATION DEVELOPMENT ACT – ARTICLE 4 <br />CLAIM FORMS TO RECEIVE CAPITAL AND OPERATING FUNDS FOR <br />ARCADIA TRANSIT <br />Recommendation: Adopt <br /> <br />SUMMARY <br /> <br />Arcadia Transit is eligible to receive Transportation Development Act (“TDA”) Article 4 <br />funds. In order to receive TDA Article 4 funds, the City of Arcadia is required to submit <br />annual claim forms authorized by the City Council. Attached for City Council review and <br />approval is Resolution No. 7178 authorizing the City Manager to submit claim forms for <br />Fiscal Year 2016-17 TDA Article 4 funds in a total amount of $297,542. Once <br />approved, the claim forms will be submitted to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan <br />Transportation Authority (“Metro”) for processing. It is recommended that the City <br />Council adopt Resolution No. 7178. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />The California State Legislature adopted the Transportation Development Act-Article 4 <br />(SB325) in 1971 to generate revenue from retail sales tax and gasoline/diesel sales tax <br />for public transportation projects. The funds are allocated by the Southern California <br />Association of Governments (“SCAG”) via the Local Transportation Fund (“LTF”) and <br />the State Transit Assistance (“STA”) programs based on area population and transit <br />fare revenue generated by an agency’s local transit system. Metro serves as the <br />regional planning agency for Los Angeles County, and administers and processes the <br />funds to each participating municipal transit operator. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />