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Authorize Expenditure <br />May 16, 2017 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br /> <br /> <br />pavement of a portion of Foothill Boulevard in the City Limits as a scope change on the <br />County of Los Angeles project for the pavement rehabilitation and traffic signal <br />upgrades on Foothill Boulevard between Rosemead Boulevard and Michillinda Avenue. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />In October of 2013, the City entered into a Cost-Sharing Agreement with the County of <br />Los Angeles for the County’s Foothill Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation and Traffic <br />Signal Upgrades Project, from Rosemead Boulevard to Michillinda Avenue. The project <br />includes rehabilitation of the pavement, repairs to the curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and <br />ADA ramps, and upgrades to the traffic signal equipment. Arcadia has jurisdiction over <br />the easterly portion of the Foothill Boulevard and Michillinda Avenue intersection, and <br />the Agreement covered this portion of the work, at a net cost to the City of $10,000. <br /> <br />In the summer of 2016, the City administered its Foothill Boulevard Concrete <br />Rehabilitation project from Michillinda Avenue to Santa Anita Avenue. There is a short <br />segment of asphalt pavement on Foothill Boulevard directly east of Michillinda Avenue, <br />approximately 400-feet in length that was not included in the project. Although this <br />segment is in need of repair, it was not included in the concrete repairs project because <br />the project had no component for asphalt repair, and the unit costs for this small portion <br />of asphalt work would have been disproportionately high. The City’s project was <br />completed in September of 2016. <br /> <br />In the fall of 2016, the County of Los Angeles competitively bid their Foothill Boulevard <br />project and, upon opening bids, received the following results: <br /> <br />COMPANY AMOUNT <br />Sequel Contractors, Inc. $1,387,297.90 <br />Sully Miller Contracting $1,568,164.80 <br />All American Asphalt $1,593,000.00 <br />Shawnan Corporation $1,619,006.40 <br />Excel Paving $1,621,203.70 <br />Los Angeles Engineering Inc. $1,687,737.50 <br />Vido Samarzich $1,812,961.35 <br /> <br />They proceeded to enter into a construction contract with Sequel Contractors, Inc. The <br />project began in March, and is currently under construction. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />The County’s Foothill Boulevard project will repair the pavement from Rosemead <br />Boulevard to Michillinda Avenue. The City recently approached the County with a <br />request to extend the limits of the asphalt pavement repair easterly from Michillinda <br />Avenue into Arcadia to the beginning of the concrete pavement, and to provide an <br /> <br /> <br />