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<br /> <br />DATE: May 2, 2017 <br /> <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br /> <br />FROM: Jason Kruckeberg, Assistant City Manager/Development Services Director <br /> Philip A. Wray, Deputy Director of Development Services/City Engineer <br /> By: Kevin Merrill, Principal Civil Engineer <br /> <br />SUBJECT: CONTRACT WITH CALIFORNIA PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING, INC. <br />FOR TRAFFIC SIGNAL IMPROVEMENTS ON DUARTE ROAD AT <br />FIRST AND SECOND AVENUES IN THE AMOUNT OF $159,050 <br /> Recommendation: Approve <br /> <br />SUMMARY <br /> <br />The traffic signals on Duarte Road at the intersections of First Avenue and Second <br />Avenue are in need of improvements, including protected/permissive left turn phases, <br />new signal poles, re-wiring, new pedestrian push buttons, pedestrian countdown clocks, <br />new street name signs, and new cabinets. It is recommended that the City Council <br />approve, and authorize and direct the City Manager to execute a contract with California <br />Professional Engineering, Inc. for traffic signal improvements on Duarte Road at First <br />and Second Avenues in the amount of $159,050, and approve a 10% contingency. A <br />copy of the proposed contract with California Professional Engineering, Inc. is attached. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />The traffic signals on Duarte Road at the intersections of First Avenue and Second <br />Avenue currently have no left-turn phases for First Avenue and Second Avenue. During <br />certain times of the day, the traffic volumes on First Avenue and Second Avenue are <br />high enough to cause extended delays of more than one signal cycle for drivers wishing <br />to make left turns. This is an ideal condition for protected/permissive left turn phases, <br />where a driver waiting to make a left turn gets a “protected” green arrow for a few <br />seconds and then a “permissive” green ball for the balance of the phase. This is an <br />efficient signal function that helps accommodate left turns through a range of traffic <br />conditions during a normal day. The City maintains an inventory of protected/ <br />permissive left turn traffic signal needs throughout the City, and these two intersections <br />are the highest priorities, based not only on traffic volumes, but also on complaints. <br />The Duarte Road Pavement Rehabilitation project from Santa Anita Avenue to Fifth <br />Avenue was budgeted in Fiscal Year 2015-16, and was bid and awarded in December <br /> <br />