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Resolution No. 7164 Declaring its Intention to Vacate <br />an Easement for Street and Highway Purposes <br />May 2, 2017 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />as an access to the Golf Course property from a public street. Sometime after that, the <br />City obtained a public access, connecting the property directly to Live Oak Avenue, <br />which is in use today. <br /> <br />In April of 1946, Tract Map No. 13780 was recorded, which officially subdivided the land <br />underlying the City’s easement. The underlying land was subdivided into portions of <br />four lots and a public street. The Mayor and the City Clerk of the City of Arcadia signed <br />the map acknowledging the subdivision. No further documentation of the easement, or <br />any efforts to vacate the easement, were found. <br /> <br />As a prerequisite to the vacation, all utility companies were notified of the City’s <br />intention and requested to identify any potential conflicts. AT&T responded that they <br />own the existing overhead lines in the easement, and requested that the City retain a <br />public utility easement for the portion containing their lines. <br /> <br />On March 14, 2017, the Arcadia Planning Commission adopted Resolution No. 1989, <br />finding the requested vacation consistent with the goals and policies in City’s General <br />Plan Circulation Element, and forwarded a recommendation of approval to the City <br />Council. <br /> <br />ANALYSIS <br /> <br />The easement appears to have been the shortest route to connect the Golf Course <br />property to a public street, which is now Daines Drive. Although it may have been <br />intended as a public access to the Golf Course, it is doubtful that it was ever improved <br />and/or served that purpose because there is no evidence of a street, and it would have <br />had to cross the Santa Anita Wash. Since the time that Tract Map No. 13780 was <br />recorded, it appears from aerial photographs that structures have been constructed over <br />portions of the easement. It was also discovered, from visual inspections, that a portion <br />of the easement contains overhead utility lines. <br /> <br />The property owner of 3204 South Eighth Avenue, one of the four lots underlying the <br />easement, recently approached the City with the request to vacate the easement, and <br />paid the processing fee of $2,500. The property owner plans to make improvements to <br />his property, and the County will not permit any further work until they have proof that <br />the easement has been vacated. <br /> <br />The easement no longer serves its intended purpose for access and is recommended <br />for Vacation. In response to the AT&T request, the retention of a public utility easement <br />for the portion containing their utility lines will be proposed in the final vacation action. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />