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REPORTS FROM MAYOR, CITY COUNCIL AND CITY CLERK (including reports from the <br />City Council related to meetings attended at City expense \[AB 1234\]) <br /> <br />Mayor Pro Tem Amundson reserved his comments for later. <br /> <br />Council Member Chandler stated that his wife was impressed when she saw a police officer get <br />out of his patrol vehicle and clean graffiti off a traffic signal box near Baldwin Avenue and <br />Colorado Boulevard; and he complimented the police officer and the Police Department for their <br />service. <br /> <br />Council Member Verlato indicated that she had no reports from the Planning Commission <br />because their last meeting was cancelled; she also indicated that the Recreation and Parks <br />Master Plan should be presented to the City Council in the next month; that the Youth Advisory <br />Council recently meet and were very excited; she announced that she attended <br />Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Congressional Women of Year Awards dinner and Carol Libby was <br />honored, and she thanked her for all she does for the City of Arcadia; she also announced that <br />today is the deadline for filing taxes; she thanked the Lee Family for their $1,500 donation to the <br />Library; and reminded everyone that April 28, is Law Day. <br /> <br />Council Member Tay announced that on May 25, the Arcadia Beautiful Commission will be <br />celebrating Arbor Day; that last Thursday he attended Arcadia High School luncheon; and hoped <br />that everyone voted in the Arcadia Unified School District election. <br /> <br />City Clerk Glasco announced a the Community Bike Ride on May 6, and on May 27, is the <br />County of Los Angeles Veterans and Military Family tribute showcasing, and noted that <br />additional information will be announced as the date gets closer. <br /> <br />In response to Lois Meritt’s comments, Mayor Beck responded that the sidewalks she spoke <br />about are proposed in next years’ budget; he noted that the Silver Circle Dinner was a nice <br />event; and announced that he also attended the Arcadia High School luncheon with Council <br />Member Tay. <br /> <br />1. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> <br />a. Regular Meeting Minutes of April 4, 2017. <br />Recommended Action: Approve <br /> <br />b. Final Map No. 73491 with a categorical exemption under the California Environmental <br />Quality Act (“CEQA”) for a seven-unit industrial condominium conversion at 12101 <br />Clark Street. <br />Recommended Action: Approve <br /> <br />c. Final Map No. 72144 with a categorical exemption under the California Environmental <br />Quality Act (“CEQA”) for a nine-unit multi-family-residential condominium subdivision <br />at 1013-1019 Holly Avenue. <br />Recommended Action: Approve <br /> <br />d. Revisions to the Existing Classification Specification for General Services <br />Superintendent. <br />Recommended Action: Approve <br /> <br /> 2 04-04-2017 <br /> <br />