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ARCADIA CITY COUNCIL <br /> SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES <br /> WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2017 <br /> CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Beck called the Special Meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. <br /> PUBLIC COMMENTS - No one appeared. <br /> City Manager Lazzaretto explained the purpose of the Special Meeting, and at his request, each <br /> Council Member provided their top issues for discussion as follows: <br /> Council Member Chandler— crime, labor negotiations, and housing standards <br /> Mayor Pro Tern Amundson — crime, budget, and One Arcadia <br /> Council Member Verlato — crime, transit, historic preservation, and reduction of the UUT <br /> Council Member Tay— crime, One Arcadia, and transit <br /> Mayor Beck — crime, One Arcadia, historic preservation, transit, and City Hall hours <br /> City Manager Lazzaretto noted that his definition of One Arcadia is that Arcadia be one cohesive <br /> community, and not divided. <br /> At the request of City Manager Lazzaretto, the City Council provided their thoughts on biggest <br /> changes they see coming to the City in the next 18 months. <br /> Council Member Chandler expressed concerns regarding Proposition 109 and Proposition 57, and <br /> crime. <br /> Mayor Beck expressed concerns regarding money not coming out of China to purchase residential <br /> homes which will have an effect on Arcadia. <br /> Council Member Verlato noted commercial development in Arcadia. <br /> Mayor Beck feels that there will be more development around the Gold Line Station. <br /> Mayor Pro Tern Amundson feels that Sacramento is more intrusion regarding to cities. <br /> Assistant City Manager/Development Services Director Kruckeberg noted a push on different <br /> housing types including transitional housing that addresses the homeless. <br /> Administrative Services Director Quach indicated that in the next year, 48 employees are able to <br /> retire, and in the next 5 years, 78 in total, or 25% of the workforce, can retire. <br /> Transit Options <br /> Assistant City Manager/Development Services Director Kruckeberg provided a report and <br /> PowerPoint presentation regarding Arcadia Transit (Dial-A-Ride) and the Fixed-Route service. <br /> Gail Marshall, Jolly Wu, Michelle Scatchard, and Rona Poli, appeared and expressed their <br /> concerns and frustrations with the fixed-route system and Dial-A-Ride. <br />