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Gt c , <br /> PM �_ staff report a r&? i d, <br /> i arcadla redevelopment agency 3 I'v/ <br /> DATE: November 19, 2002 <br /> TO: Chairperson and Agency Board <br /> FROM: Don Penman, Deputy Executive Directorlr <br /> By:'Peter P. Kinnahan, Economic Development Administrator <br /> Prepared by: Brian Saeki, Management Analyst <br /> SUBJECT: Design Review— 18 E. Colorado Blvd. <br /> Recommendation: Approve <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The Applicant is proposing to subdivide a privately owned lot to construct a two-unit <br /> condominium complex at 18 E. Colorado Blvd. There is currently a single family home <br /> located on the lot. <br /> Staff recommends approval of this Design Review with conditions. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> WORK <br /> PROPOSED: Construction of a two-unit condominium project at 18 E. Colorado <br /> Blvd. <br /> APPLICANT: Charlie Shen (Designer) <br /> LOCATION: 18 E. Colorado Blvd. (Location Map, Attachment No. 1) <br /> EXISTING <br /> LAND USE: The property is currently improved with a single-family home, which <br /> was constructed in 1926. <br /> EXISTING <br /> ZONING: R-3— Multiple Family <br /> GENERAL PLAN <br /> DESIGNATION: Multiple Family Residential (24-du/ac maximum) <br /> Gv�`Li LASER IMAGED <br /> J p <br />