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Assistant City Manager/Development Services Director Kruckeberg stated that in November <br /> 2015, a special edition of the Arcadia Community News was mailed out to all residents regarding <br /> development standards of potential modifications and changes as directed by the City Council; <br /> he indicated that staff has been meeting with a citizens committee and have concluded their <br /> work and recommendations from the committee have been received; that additional meetings <br /> with staff will take place before the recommendations are brought back before the City Council <br /> at their March 15 meeting. <br /> Mayor Kovacic thanked his colleagues for their heartfelt comments and thoughts regarding the <br /> passing of William and Anthony Lim; he announced that he has been coaching the Arcadia High <br /> School Constitutional team for 20 years, and they have State finals on February 6 in Bakersfield; <br /> he further announced that Herb Albert will be performing at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center <br /> on February 20; that a candidate forum for the upcoming Municipal Election is scheduled for <br /> February 24 at the Arcadia Library; the grand opening of the Gold Line on March 5 at the <br /> Arcadia station; and the Mayor's Community Breakfast on April 1, with speaker Alex Kajitani <br /> known as the Rappin' Mathematician; and noted the start of the Lunar New Year. <br /> City Attorney Deitsch announced that regarding Consent Calendar item 1.d, he provided, as a <br /> courtesy, a copy of the staff report and resolution to the applicants' attorney, and read into the <br /> record comments received by the applicants' attorney; he advised the City Council to proceed <br /> with the adoption of the Resolution, that in his opinion there was no reason to reopen the public <br /> hearing, and that there was no unfairness or violation of due process with proceeding with this <br /> item. <br /> 1. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> a. Extension to the Professional Services Agreement with John L. Hunter and <br /> Associates, Inc. for inspection, monitoring, and management support for the <br /> Municipal NPDES (Stormwater) and Industrial Waste Programs in the amount of <br /> $90,265. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> b. Purchase Order with West-Lite Supply Company, Inc. for the purchase of <br /> electrical lighting and accessories in the amount of$55,094.16. <br /> Recommended Action: Approve <br /> c. Resolution No. 7110 declaring that weeds, brush, rubbish, and refuse upon or in <br /> front of specified property in the city are a seasonal and recurrent public <br /> nuisance, and declaring an intention to provide for the abatement thereof. <br /> Recommended Action: Adopt <br /> d. Resolution No. 7111 denying the appeal and upholding the Planning <br /> Commission's decision to deny Tentative Parcel Map Application No. TPM 14-01 <br /> (72681), and Residential Mountainous Development Permit application No. RM <br /> 14-01, and rejecting the certification of the Environmental Impact Report for a <br /> proposed Subdivision and Grading of a 90.46-acre property at 2111-2125 <br /> Canyon Road. <br /> Recommended Action: Adopt <br /> 3 02/02/2016 <br />