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..e <br /> Bob Harbicht, an Arcadia resident, appeared and commented on the consequences to the City <br /> and residents if Measure A is passed; and urged the voters to vote No on Measure A. <br /> Lawrence C. Papp, an Arcadia resident, appeared and commented on the City's budget; he <br /> indicated that everyone should look at the facts; he spoke about employee's cost of living <br /> increases, and City employee salaries. <br /> Brian Ursettie, President of Arcadia Fire Fighters Association, appeared and commented on <br /> reduced services to the residents if Measure A is passed; he stated that the City of Sierra Madre <br /> is having financial problems with police services due to cuts; and urged Arcadia voters to vote <br /> no, on Measure A. <br /> Jeremy Conrad, Arcadia Fire Fighters Association, appeared and commented on the "Keep <br /> Arcadia Safe" slogan; he commented on the possible cuts and elimination of City programs and <br /> the consequences to the residents if Measure A is passed; and asked Arcadia voters to vote No <br /> vote on Measure A. <br /> REPORTS FROM MAYOR, CITY COUNCIL AND CITY CLERK (including reports from the <br /> City Council related to meetings attended at City expense(AB 12341) <br /> Council Member Beck congratulated the Eagle Scouts; he commented on the great volunteer <br /> work of Betty Hettrick, and the great job Scott has done as the CEO of the Arcadia Chamber of <br /> Commerce; and commented on the tragic passing of the Lin brothers, and indicated that he -•► <br /> attended their funeral services, and spoke about the emotional impact on him, and wanted to let <br /> Mr. and Mrs. Lin know that he was remembering them and their boys in his prayers. <br /> Council Member Tay announced that he attended the Mayor and Council Members Legal of <br /> California Cities Conference in Sacramento, and separately the Independent Cities Association <br /> Winter Seminar; he commented that some of the topics of discussion of the conferences were <br /> Proposition 47, homelessness and mental health issues, terrorism in your community and <br /> Assembly Bill 109 and its impact on the community; he also announced that the Chamber of <br /> Commerce will host a forum on terrorism and crime prevention on February 4, and on February <br /> 11, Coffee with a Cop; and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year. <br /> Mayor Pro Tern Chandler announced that he attended the State of the City Address and stated <br /> that it was the best he has witnessed; he provided an overview of the numerous updates <br /> received at the meeting and commended staff for a job well done; that he and Council Member <br /> Tay sat in for the Mayor on January 21 at the Asian Lunar Festival, and Council Member Tay <br /> presented them with a Mayor's Certificate; and noted that the crowd took a moment of silence in <br /> memory of William and Anthony Lin. <br /> City Clerk Glasco gave an update on the recent fundraising dinner on January 23 for the Arcadia <br /> Vietnam War Monument at the Arcadia Elks Lodge; that the Arcadia Boy Scouts Troop 111 <br /> helped serve the dinner, and that each veteran in attendance was presented with a Department <br /> of Defense Commemorative lapel pin from Congresswoman Judy Chu's office; he announced <br /> that $7,000.00 has been raised; and announced another fundraiser at Applebee's restaurant on <br /> February 20; and also announced that the Arcadia Police Department is looking for volunteers <br /> to serve on their Volunteers in Patrol Support (VIPS) program, and provided information on the <br /> program and contact information. <br /> 2 02/02/2016 <br />