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M <br />f 1! O - <br />WO"T STAFF REPORT <br />Fire Department <br />September 17, 2002 <br />TO: Mayor and City Council <br />FROM: David R. Lugo, Fire Chief A,6(11 <br />Prepared by:' Richard Brown, Battalion Chief <br />SUBJECT: PURCHASE OF CAMERA EQUIPMENT FOR THE FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />RECOMMENDATION: APPROVE THE PURCHASE OF THREE <br />BULLARD T -3 THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS IN THE AMOUNT OF <br />$31,825.50 FROM L.N. CURTIS AND SONS FOR FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />ENGINE COMPANIES <br />SUMMARY <br />Funding for three thermal imaging cameras was provided for in the 2002 -2003 <br />Equipment Acquisition Fund. <br />The purpose of this Staff Report is to obtain Council Approval for the purchase of <br />camera equipment for the Fire Department. Staff recommends that the City Council <br />authorize the purchase of three Bullard T -3 thermal imaging cameras from L.N. Curtis <br />and Sons, in the amount of $31,825.50. <br />BACKGROUND <br />Thermal imaging cameras are used by firefighters to assist in searching smoke filled <br />areas for victims, locating hidden fire behind walls and ceilings, and finding overheated <br />electrical boxes without damaging walls. Prior to the use of these cameras, firefighters <br />would have to search a building room by room in blinding smoke to locate victims. <br />These cameras allow the firefighter to literally see through the smoke and rapidly locate <br />victims overcome by smoke. <br />A major task at all fires is the rapid deployment of a search and rescue team to <br />determine if anyone is trapped or overcome by smoke inside a building. Their task is to <br />quickly and systematically search the building and remove any victims to safety. The <br />use of thermal imaging cameras dramatically reduces the time searching for victims by <br />cutting through the smoke. The camera uses inferred technology, similar to night vision <br />goggles used by the military. The operator can hold the camera in one hand and <br />"sweep" the room and determine by the heat signature, if anyone is inside the room. <br />LASER IMAGED <br />of <br />