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ROLL CALL: <br />. A N N O T A T E D <br />MW A G E N D A <br />Arcadia City Council <br />and <br />Redevelopment Agency <br />Meeting <br />October 15, 2002 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />Development Services Department Conference Room <br />Council Members /Redevelopment Agency Members: Chang, <br />Kovacic, Segal, Wuo and Marshall All present <br />TIME RESERVED FOR THOSE IN THE AUDIENCE WHO WISH TO <br />ADDRESS THE CITY COUNCIL /REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (NON- PUBLIC <br />HEARING /FIVE MINUTE TIME LIMIT PER PERSON) None <br />1. STUDY SESSION <br />a. Affordable senior housing proiects Direct City staff to <br />Recommendation: Provide direction continue .to work with <br />META Housing re Western <br />Hotel Site for Sr. Hs'ng <br />7:00 p.m. project. <br />Council Chambers <br />INVOCATION - Rev. Ellen Jennrich, Lutheran Church of The Cross <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Terry Blackwood <br />ROLL CALL: Council Members: Chang, Kovacic, Segal, Wuo and Marshall All present <br />2. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION FROM STAFF REGARDING <br />AGENDA ITEMS None <br />MOTION: Read all Ordinances and Resolutions by title only and waive reading in <br />full Adopted 5 -0 <br />3. PRESENTATION of a Proclamation to Police Department for Red Ribbon Chief Hinig <br />Week <br />4. PRESENTATION of the Citizen of the Month Award to Pamela Blackwood Mayor Marshall <br />5. PRESENTATION of a plaque to Mary Young for distinguished service on Mayor Marshall <br />the Historical Museum Commission <br />Gail A. Marshall, Mayor . Dr. Sheng Chang, Mayor Pro tempore . Gary A. Kovacic, Mickey Segal, John Wuo, Council Members <br />William R. Kelly, City Manager <br />June D. Alford, City Clerk <br />