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;' _ _yny ^IA�20U2 p4:34cA Fra►^ <br />r <br />City ®f <br />�._... cad.a <br />Office Of the <br />City Coilndd <br />Glii A. ALy" <br />AMP* <br />J% `Jbong Mang <br />A1gwr-o rmq m <br />�3ar A. j",pya[ir, <br />Y� <br />roan woo <br />C:emc,'1 Mewb�rr <br />24GWa. Mrd Once <br />ri,.014sc Ban a a+ <br />A1Od11 CA 91068603: <br />(076) 87a8aM <br />(�1 �r16�E739 4ax <br />• <br />". ' u, : 6264621456 <br />May. iS 2092 0 ?:SiPM Pi <br />• t•sas p.cot�4dt F -�ei <br />NOME OF SPECIAL JOINT MEE71NC <br />Ae Auxhuri.7ed by Madia City Charter Secnoa 408 and California <br />Qova= eat Code Section 14956 ,a Special Join; ?ble4c of the Arcadia <br />City Cauricil and Arr.Wie, Sitter City Comrrussien is hereby called to be <br />held at this City ofArudia Council Chambers Conference Room, 240 W. <br />T3tmtington Drivr., Arcadia. California at 4:40 p.m. on May 21, 2002. <br />At this Speer.,! Joint Meeting, the following matter will be <br />discussed, corW42red and acted upon: <br />Cuitmal exchange between the cities of Arcadia and Newcastle, <br />Australia and.relstted matters. <br />'hera will be time reserved for those in the audience who wish to <br />address The City Cor mcil and/or Skier City Commission regarding the <br />above item. <br />No fmYl hor business other than the above will be considered at this <br />Rieet4 <br />Dazed; May 2002 <br />Dated: May j 5 2007 <br />rMayor Of the City of dia <br />Chairp6son, SiNte CF ity <br />Cozatuisgion <br />In 'colnphwe with the Amerlww with ,DIM13 i(ies Act, if you need apaclal <br />ass sUmb to partdcipase in a *1V uwating, plaam wawa the City MawW at (626) <br />5 ^,4 -5461. Ple,wo nbutirt the City Manager a evilest ae ossible prior to da <br />msetixag dme ax when AP904al servic8e axe needed. This aodfieation will help city <br />ME in rnaIdus m uctabla asrmpmahis to provida yuu with access to the meeting, <br />i0'd ti00'oN ZS:z Z0.9i AUH £66808b9Z9:U <br />I'd'3 <br />