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0 0 <br />3. PUBLIC HEARING ACTION <br />All interested persons are invited to appear at the Public Hearing and to provide evidence or testimony concerning the proposed items <br />for consideration. You are hereby advised that should you desire to legally challenge any action taken by the City Council with <br />respect to the proposed Item 3(a) and Item 3(b) you may be limited to raising only those issues and objections which you or someone <br />else raised at or prior to the time of the public hearing. <br />a. Recommendation to adopt Resolution No. 6289, a Resolution of <br />the City Council of the City of Arcadia, California approving <br />Architectural Design Review ADR 2002 -009 for the expansion <br />of the Westfield Shoppingtown - Santa Anita at 400 South rub. Hrg: Closed <br />Baldwin Avenue <br />Adopt Res. 6289 5 -0 <br />b. Recommendation to approve GP 02 -001, a general plan amendment <br />to change the land use designation from Commercial to Multiple - <br />Family Residential (24 du/ac) at 1510 -1516 South Baldwinpub. Hrg. Closed <br />Avenue <br />TIME RESERVED FOR THOSE IN THE AUDIENCE WHO WISH TO <br />ADDRESS THE CITY COUNCIL (NON- PUBLIC HEARING /FIVE MINUTE <br />TIME LIMIT PER PERSON) 1 • Diane Branson <br />4. MATTERS FROM ELECTED OFFICIALS <br />City Council Reports / Announcements /Statements/Future Agenda Items <br />See Minutes <br />RECESS OF CITY COUNCIL <br />5. MEETING OF THE ARCADIA REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />ROLL CALL: Agency Members Chandler, Chang, Kovacic, <br />Marshall and Segal All present <br />6. TIME RESERVED FOR THOSE IN THE AUDIENCE WHO WISH TO <br />ADDRESS THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (NON - PUBLIC <br />HEARING /FIVE- MINUTE TIME LIMIT PER PERSON) None <br />a. Minutes of the March 5, 2002 regular meeting Approved 5 -0 <br />ADJOURN to April 2, 2002 at 6:00 p.m. <br />RECONVENE CITY COUNCIL <br />-2- <br />