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\. ' ' ~. ' <br />~~x ~ <br />.,. > . `S <br />_ ~ QA'. <br />.. ~ <br />INVOCATION <br />~ , . <br />AGENDA'~ <br />Arcadia City Council <br />and <br />Redevelopment Agency <br />Meeting <br />December 17, 2002 <br />7:00 p.m. <br />Cay Mortenson Auditorium <br />Arcadia Public Library, 20 Duarte Road <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />~ _ `r r' ~ <br />~I, i ;~,Cr! c, . _ ~ /S <br />^^^ ~ <br />~, _ i <br />_ ; <br />• • ~~ <br />~ <br />ROLL CALL: Council Members: Chang, Kovacic, Segal, Wuo and Marshall <br />1. SUPPLMENTAL INFORMATION FROM STAFF REGARDING <br />AGENDAITEMS <br />MOTION: Read all Ordinances and Resolutions by title only and waive reading in <br />full <br />2. PRESENTATION of Citizen of the Month Award to Carmen Thibault <br />3. PRESENTATION to Judge Patrick Hegarty <br />4. PRESENTATION to Soroptimist International <br />5. PUBLIC HEARING <br />All interested persons are invi[ed [o appear at the Public Heanng and to provide evidence or testimony conceming Ihe proposed item <br />of consideration. You are hereby advised Ihat should you dcsire to Icgally challenge any action taken by the CiTy Councii with respect <br />W Ihe proposed Item 5(a) you may be limited to raising only those issues and objec4ons which you or someone else raised at or prior <br />to the time of the public hearing. <br />a. Abnronriate Unallocated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG <br />Funds and approve the FY 2003/04 CDBG Program <br />Recommendation: Appropriate $47,906.00 in unallocated CDBG funds <br />for the 2002/03 Residential Rehabilitation Program and approve the <br />2003/04 CDBG Program <br />Gail A. Marshall, Mayor . De Sheng Chang, Mayor Pro tempore . Mickey Segal, John Wuo, Gary A. Kovaciq Council Members .~ ~~ <br />William R Kelly, Ciry Manager ,-T <br />June D. Alford, City Clerk ~,d"~ ~ <br />_~~`.. di _ , <br />