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tY / , <br />Arcadia City Council <br />and <br />,RPOReTED. <br />Redevelopment Agency <br />Meeting <br />April 2, 2002 <br />6:00 p.m. <br />■ ■ ■ <br />I <br />NO AGENDA ITEMS ARE SCHEDULED FOR THE 6:00 P.M. NOTICED <br />PORTION OF THE MEETING <br />CITY COUNCIL. WILL CONVENE AT 7:00 P.M. — COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />April 2, 2002 <br />Council Chambers <br />7:00 p.m. <br />ACTION <br />ROLL CALL: Council Members Chandler, Chang, Kovacic, <br />Marshall and Segal All present <br />INVOCATION Reverend Thomas Shriver, Emmanuel Assembly of God Church <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Carol Libby <br />SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION FROM STAFF REGARDING <br />AGENDA ITEMS None <br />MOTION: Read all Ordinances and Resolutions by title only and waive reading in <br />full Adopted 5 -0 <br />2. PRESENTATION to Margit Holakoui, Citizen of the Month <br />3. PRESENTATION to Arcadia High School Students participating in the <br />Centennial Celebration: Jaszver Bauzon, Fiona Chan, Hua Chen, Sapira Cheuk, <br />Zach Chen, Cindy Cheng, Amanda Dillon, Lawrence Hsu, Kevin Kuo, <br />Jessica Lee, Jamie Lee, John Nguyen, Vicky Pei, Christopher Rivera, <br />Erica Schaefer, Ginger Tsai, Bonnie Wang, Matthew Wisniewski, Vivian Yee, <br />Ruth Younessi, Alyson Yu, Jordan Lenhart, Eric Fang, Sarah Coombs, Su Hlaing, <br />Cherry Lau, Tina Choi and Linda Shen <br />Mickey Segal, Mayor • Gall A. Marshall, Mayor Pmtempore • Roger Chandler, Dr. Shang Chang, Gary A. Kovacic, Council Members <br />William R. Kelly, City Manager <br />June D. Alford, City Clerk <br />