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<br />CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS ARE TAPE RECORDED AND ON FILE IN THE OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />INVOCATION <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF <br />ALLEGIANCE <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />MINUTE <br />APPROVAL <br /> <br />CONDITIONAL <br />USE PERMIT___ <br />(Asder) <br />Hearing <br />scheduled <br /> <br />ZONE CHANGE <br />(Hear ing <br />scheduled) <br /> <br />ZONING <br />(H zone)............. <br /> <br />CODE <br />AMENDMENT <br />(Signs) <br />1 Hearing <br />scheduled <br /> <br />............. <br /> <br />SIGNS <br /> <br />19:8005 <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br />FEBRUARY 1, 1972 <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Arcadia, California met in regular <br />session on Tuesday, February 1, 1972 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council <br />Chamber of the Arcadia City Hall. <br /> <br />Rev. John S. Meyer, Arcadia Christian Reformed Church <br /> <br />Cou~cilman Considine <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Arth, Butterworth, Considine, Rage, Helms <br />None <br /> <br />The minutes of the regular meetings of January 4 and 18, 1972 were <br />APPROVED on MOTION by Councilman Hage, seconded by Councilman <br />Con$idine and carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Planning Commission Resolution No. 762 granting a conditional use permit <br />for a Residential Planned Development at 310 West Foothill Boulevard <br />subject to conditions specified in said resolution. Councilman Hage <br />MOVED to hold a public hearing on this matter on MARCH 7. Motion <br />seconded by Councilman Considine and carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Planning Commission Resolution No. 763 recommending a change from Zone <br />R-l to PR-l on property known as 625, 631 and 635 Naomi and 1301, 1243 <br />and 1245 Lovell Avenue. Councilman Considine MOVED to hold a public <br />hearing on this matter on MARCH 21. Motion seconded by Councilman Hage <br />and carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Planning Commission Resolution No. 764 denying the removal of the "H" <br />zone in the area bounded by Huntington Drive, Second Avenue, California <br />Street, First Avenue, Duarte Road and Santa Anita Avenue. It was the' <br />consensus of Council that this matter not be scheduled for public <br />hearing until after full consideration of the General Plan by the <br />Planning Commission and City Council. <br /> <br />Planning Commission Resolution No. 765 recommending an amendment to the <br />Arcadia Municipal Code relating to auxiliary signs (design, location <br />and size of time and temperature signs and similar public service signs <br />shall be subject to approval by the Planning Department.) On MOTION <br />by Councilman Arth, seconded by Councilman Butterworth and carried <br />unanimously this ~atter was scheduled for public hearing on MARCH 7. <br /> <br />The Planning Director explained that on January 25 the Planning <br />Commission considered a modification of Resolution No. 3180. The <br />modification was requested by Resdel Engineering Corporation located <br />at 232 E. Live Oak Avenue in order to locate an existing sign from <br />its former location to the subject site. <br /> <br />It ",as explained that Resolution No. 3180 sets forth "D" regulations <br />governing the subject property and limits sign area to a maximum of <br />one sq. ft. for each lineal ft. of building; the building is 90' <br />wide permitting only 90 sq. ft. of sign area; there is an existing <br /> <br />2-1-72 <br /> <br />- 1 - <br />