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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />19: 7768-J <br /> <br />FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THE TAPE RECORDED STATEMENT OF <br /> <br />COUNCILMAN ROBERT J. CONSIDINE <br /> <br />FASHION PARK <br />JANUARY 19, 1971 <br /> <br />"A great deal has already been said; I would like to add my sincere thanks to <br />the citizens of Arcadia who have taken the time to submit letters and to appear <br />before us. I regret that I have been unable to answer those letters because of <br />the numbers and quantity. However, they were all read, were all considered and <br />it is gratifying to know that there is this much interest in community activity. <br />I think that I, like Councilman Helms, has made a particular point of talking <br />with as many people in the community as I could and I have found again that there <br />is a preponderance of people who are for rather than opposed. I think every man <br />on this Council is dedicated to maintaining Arcadia as a City of peautiful homes. <br />We are very concerned about the goals of Arcadia in this area. We are concerned <br />about smog, noise, crime. We are trying to keep this as a very quiet residential <br />community if you will, but by the same token we'liaw\certain other financial con- <br />siderations that must also be considered. <br /> <br />"Looking down the long pull that I have been attempting to do for the past seven <br />years I have watched the budget grow, I have watched the cost of government go up <br />7~ percent a year. I have seen the threat since 1967 of regional government and <br />regional problems. We have only to look to the San Francisco Bay area to see the <br />actual imposition of regional governments for single purpose applications but <br />with taxing rights, occur at the ~ate of nine different units. With these things <br />in mind we know that our tax burdens are going to be constantly increasing. <br />Therefore, we are anxious to take any reasonable and correct action to offset <br />that burden on our residents. We know the traffic is going to be a tremendous <br />problem. We are hopeful that our traffic engineers will find solutions to this <br />problem. It would appear to be something that, like most problems of this nature <br />have a solution. That it will be a good one, an acceptable one, is yet to be <br />determined. We do know that if Fashion Park develops it will produce approxi- <br />mately a million dollars income plus or minus 10 or 15 percent based upon which <br />financial experts you wish to accept. But, even if you take it away and you <br />start talking even as low as $750,000 with one cent equaling $11,000 income for <br />the City',';'. and it takes quite a few pennies in the tax rate to achieve that sum. <br /> <br />"We know the center will create jobs - hopefully jobs for the people within our <br />community. Being a member of the Aerospace Industry I am particularly sensitive <br />in the job area. I think we have to do things now to create jobs, For seven <br />years on the Council we have been trying to do things to stimulate our downtown <br />business sector, partially with the thought of creating jobs and creating income. <br />Hopefully if Fashion Park is put together on a proper basis, in a proper light, <br />it will stimulate growth in the other sectors of our community rather than decline. <br />I think most of the experts have counseled us that we can anticipate a reduction <br />of income bearing some 12 to 25 percent for the first year or two, after which <br />they have indicated a growth should begin to return and it is possible we might <br />even find the various business communities strengthened. It would certainly be <br />my hop~ that a quality center here would help strengthen the business in the down <br />town areas and along the Hub areas mainly because of the people feeling that if <br />an interprise would put this many millions of dollars into a development it must <br />be a worthwhile position in which to do business. We have been accused repeatedly <br />of keeping businesses out and directing business away and I don't feel that this <br />has been our intent. I think our intent is to bring business in on a quality <br />basis and a compa~ible basis. Our experts have told us that a business of this <br />type will not affect the life style of the City or affect our pattern as a com- <br />munity of homes. I think this has been pretty well accepted by most of the plan- <br />ming experts that spoke to us. We certainly are very concerned about business <br />lots of existing merchants during the first one or two years after the creation <br />of Fashion Park, however, we feel that in the long pull they will actually <br />prosper as figures for other centers have shown. <br /> <br />ROBERT J. CONSIDINE 1-19-71 <br /> <br />- 11 - <br /> <br />1-19-71 <br />