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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />19:7768-H <br /> <br />FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPT Of THE TAPE RECORDED STATEMENT OF <br /> <br />COUNCILMAN DON W. HAGE <br /> <br />FASHION PARK <br /> <br />JANUARY 19, 1971 <br /> <br />"I respect the decisions of the other Councilmen and those who have not spoken as <br />yet. We have a great rapport on this Council in that we act very independently, <br />however, we have one thing in common in that we do respect the other man's opinion <br />completely. <br /> <br />'~hi. question of Fashion Park is a real tough one and I have been approached and I <br />have received written letters and I have been phoned by many friends and many people <br />who have supported me in the past on this issue - on'bbth'sides of this issue. Some <br />of their conversation has gone like this: "If you vote for Fashion Park this will go <br />against your election promises of saying that you are for a City of Homes --- It will <br />also show that you are against Arcadia businesses as constituted today --- that you <br />are pro Santa Anita --- that you are against all the Council decisions in the past." <br />Some of my friends on the other side have said, "If you vote against Fashion Park it <br />will show that you are going against your election promises of wanting to keep ta~es <br />down in Arcadia. It will show you are against better schools --- you are not for <br />progress." So the questions on both sides are real stickers. I wish that the <br />decision were as clear as either one of these arguments are pointed out as being. <br />The decision has to be based on all of these items as well as a little crystalballing <br />on our part. <br /> <br />"The City Council represents all of the segments of the community. We represent the <br />business men, the home owner, the schools, the children, all the community, and all <br />these segments are inter-related. None of them are independent. Now Arcadia's <br />resource that makes it a really great city is not the home, businesses or schools but <br />our resource is the people --- the people just like we have here tonight. This is the <br />reason we have a great city because of a turnout like this and -the interest that you <br />show. But the town revolves around all the rest of these items also with the citizen <br />interest being the first item in a great town; then to have adequate taxes - this <br />makes good schools and good government, this ,attracts vital people to the city - this <br />builds up property values - it makes business prosper but if you pullout any of these <br />segments you are going to affect one of the others and you are going to destroy the <br />City as such -- as being a truly prosperous great city. You can look very close to <br />~s to see the Cities that have problems of this type today, such as Pasadena and <br />Monrovia which have great troubles with 'their school system. This has affected their <br />property values, their businesses. All of these segments are related to each other. <br /> <br />"In Arcadia we are going to have great changes in the next ten years. The economists <br />that we have heard have come up with a lot of different figures and some of them we <br />can believe and some of them we canlt. A lot of them are projections and economists <br />have been wrong before. But I think we can be our own economist on one item and be <br />almost a hundred percent correct and that is the impact that the freeway is going to <br />have on our town. They have said that the Foothill Freeway is going to be loaded just <br />like the San Bernardino Freeway and I have no reason to doubt this. Arcadia has three <br />things that no other town in the Valley has, i.e., they have three main thoroughfares - <br />Santa Anita, Baldwin and Michillinda with little jogs going right straight down through <br />our town right down to the southern part into the San Bernardino Freeway. There is <br />going to be/~gifh-south traffic in Arcadia than any of the other San Gabriel Valley <br />cities and this I think we can say is an absolute fact that we are going to have an <br />impact of thousands of automobiles which is going to change the character of our city <br />in some way. So the decision, as far as Fashion Park is concerned, is not whether <br />Fashion Park is going to change our City. Our City is going to change. It is a <br />question ~f is Fashion Park going to change it even more in the wrong direction. The <br />questions that we are approaching today are --- how to maintain the best of the <br />segments of Arcadia - the best qualities of Arcadia under conditions that couldn't <br />have been foreseen by the Councils of 45 years ago. This would be beyond their fondest <br />preductions. <br /> <br />"As I see it the Fashion Park decision becomes -- what will be the changes in Arcadia <br /> <br />DON W. RAGE <br /> <br />1-19-71 <br /> <br />- 9 - <br />