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<br />1-9:7694 <br />/ <br /> <br />Mayor Butterworth stated in part that he did not like the time pressure <br />either, but that is something over which Council has no control; that <br />he was satisfied in his own mind that the matter will eventually ,go to <br />referendum one way or another and that the most representative vote <br />possible would be registered at a General Election, whereas the usual <br />turnout at a Special Election is about 30 percent. He noted other <br />major city issues presented to the electorate at a consolidated general <br />election. He felt the request to consolidate should be filed with the <br />Board at this 'time and the definitive ordinance could be worked o'ut and, <br />adopted at ,;" later date. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />:1. <br /> <br />Some discussion held on the new format of the way the Propositions , . <br />would appear on the Ballot and just prior; to the reading of'the tit le ' '1" <br />of the subject resolution the following persons spoke. <br /> <br />Emil Steck, 831 San Simeon Road, stat'ed in part ,that from the deliberations <br />'Council may be taking action contrary to the City Charter which contem- " <br />plates ,the Planning Commission rendering opinions and recommendat ions to <br />Council and the Council then exercises its independent judgment on those <br />recommendations by either ,approving or disapproving; that ~he Charter <br />also givei the citizens the right of referendum at ~heir ~ehest. 'He <br />stated further in part that in taking' such action' Council 'would be <br />depriving the people of the benefit of Council's judgment; that the <br />subject matter has attracted such wide community interest that he thought <br />it was beyond the realm of reason to propose that any resulting election <br />would bring out only about 30 percent of the voters. He appealed to <br />Council not to adopt the resolution without contemplating because one <br />effect of it ~ould be to deprive the citizens of an independent referendum <br />on that action. <br /> <br />Mayor Butterworth responded in part that if a referendum ever had any <br />meaning it ,certainly has a meaning in a situation where there is some <br />action that must be taken - as the residents of the Village and the <br />Rancho area have indicated - it may very well change the lifestyle <br />of ,that area and whether ,it is agreed with or not it is a legitimate <br />position for the people of that area to express and certainly falls <br />within the meaning and spirit of a referendum. He stated further' <br />in part that the matter will not appear on the ballot with any' i~di- <br />cation of it having been approved or, disapproved' by Council and could <br />not see how the people would be deprived by having an election consoli- <br />dated with a ,Statewide General' Election;' 'that he felt it would be a <br />grievou~ mistake to vote 'against the subject resolution at,this time. <br /> <br />Mrs. Joseph Culverwell, 843 Monte Verde Road, stated in substance, <br />that her family lived in the city' because of its churches, 'schools <br />and good government and felt that Council should make its own deter- <br />mination for the benefit of the people and could not see how a <br />consolidated election would attract more voters than at a speciai I <br />election in view of the interest in the subject matt"er; , she said <br />'those opposed to the development would have only two mo~ths in which, ' <br />to wage a campaign and asked that the resolution not be adopted at' <br />this 't ime. <br /> <br />Jack Saelid, 821 Balboa Drive, also asked that the opportunity ~e <br />afforded the people to have the careful consideration of,both the <br />Planning Commission and the Council in the matter;' that to vote at' <br />this meeting would deprive the residents of its just dues as ~axpayers. <br />He said he felt it would be an impossible task to attempt to. counter <br />the advertising which has already gone throughout the city and <br />preferred to have the considered opinion of the legislative body and <br />then go to referendum which he said would probably happen Jf,ii Were <br />approved. <br /> <br />8-13-70 <br /> <br />- 2 - <br />