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<br />CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS ARE TAPE RECORDED AND ON FILE IN THE OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />INVOCATION <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF <br />ALLEGIANCE <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />MINUTE <br />APPROVAL <br /> <br />HEARING <br />(Weed <br />Abatement) <br />TO PROCEED <br /> <br />-=3-P'J/f- <br /> <br />HEARING <br />TRACT <br />NO. 30721 <br />final map <br />APPROVED <br /> <br />:t/~1S <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />20:8494 <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br />MARCH 5, 1974 <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Arcadia, California, met in regular <br />session on Tuesday, March 5, 1974 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber <br />of the Arcadia City Hall. <br /> <br />Rev. Leslie G. Strathern, Arcadia Congregational Church <br /> <br />Mayor C. Robert Arth <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Butterworth, Rage, Helms, Scott, Arth <br />None <br /> <br />On MOTION by Councilman Helms, seconded by Councilman Hage and carried <br />unanimously the Minutes of the regular meeting of February 19 were <br />APPROVED. Councilman Scott abstaiJed as he was absent from said <br />meeting. / <br /> <br />Time scheduled for hearing objections to the proposed removal of weeds, <br />refuse and rubbish from in front of specified properties (Resolution <br />No. 4406). Mayor Arth declared the hearing open and no one desiring to <br />be heard the hearing was CLOSED on MOTION by Councilman Scott, seconded <br />by Councilman Hage and carried unanimously. It was MOVED by Councilman <br />Helms, seconded by Councilman Scott and carried unanimously that the <br />County Agricultural Commission be directed to abate the nuisance by <br />having said weeds, refuse and rubbish removed from designated properties. <br /> <br />This hearing was scheduled pursuant to the order of the City Council. <br />The developer proposes to create a 7 lot subdivision at 310 W. Foothill <br />Boulevard. The Planning Commission had recommended approval as the <br />final map was in substantial compliance with the approved tentative map. <br />However, on February 19 an adjacent property owner lodged opposition <br />before the City Council stating in part that he had not received the <br />initial notice of public hearing concerning the tentative tract map <br />(August 1972). The Planning Director submitted a chronological report <br />and stated in part that notices of the initial public hearing had been <br />sent out to about 45 property owners within a 300 ft, radius and no one <br />spoke for or against the tentative tract map at that time. He explained <br />that an error had occurred due to the applicant incorrectly interpreting <br />an identification number on a C~ty,map. However, a hearing was held in <br />July of 1972 and the opposing property owner had received notice and had <br />appeared at that hearing. In response to an inquiry he stated that <br />clearing and grading had been accomplished and that the applicant had <br />begun foundation work, <br /> <br />Mayor Arth declared the hearing open and Walter Kenrich, 1045 Burnell <br />Oaks Lane, read a communication (on file in the office of the City Clerk) <br />regarding an environmental impact on the subject area which would be due <br />to the proposed increase in population along with additional sewers, <br />street lights, etc. He asked that Council reject the tract, order the <br />work discontinued and after the area had been returned to its original <br />condition return the subdivider's bond. <br /> <br />Florence Knerr, 291 W. Foothill Boulevard, stated in part that the work <br />is progressing although in her opinion the subdivider was aware that <br />Council had scheduled this hearing to determine the status of the final <br />map. Reference was made to the City's method of noticing public hearings <br />and Mrs. Knerr said she was also one who did not r~ceive a notice at the <br />outset. With referenCe to the tract itself shg felt the street would <br />3-5-74 <br /> <br />_ 1 - <br />