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<br />" - <br />- (,'fj ~<),,",, <br />\. ~.~ f. ,.'~ <br /> <br />(Hearing - <br />Zone Change - <br />Continued) <br /> <br />be down-graded by business encroachment: <br /> <br />Mrs. Charlotte Reynolds, '2804 South Baldwin Avenue <br />Mr. Joseph Reynolds, 2804 South Baldwin Avenue <br />Mr. Saul G. Seidner, 561 Workman Avenue <br />Mr. Wayne M. Withrow, 2708 Bradford Avenue <br />Mrs. Saul, ,G. 'seidner, '561 Workman Avenue <br />Mr. Francis P. Gorey, 2718 Bradford Avenue <br /> <br />Mayor Reibold then asked if anyone desired to speak in favor of the zone <br />change, and the following addressed the Council: <br /> <br />Mr. Ralph D. Stogsdill, one of the applicants and appellants, 2710 South <br />Baldwin Avenue, displayed a drawing of an ,A & P Company super-market 1 <br />proposed to be built at the southeast corner of Las Tunas Drive and Baldwin <br />Avenue and read in full a communication addressed to the Council (on file <br />in the office of the City Clerk) which stated in part that with regard to ' <br />the petition with 77 signatures presented to the Planning Commission, <br />approximately one half of the petitioners lived over 1000 feet away from <br />the corner of Baldwin Avenue and Workman Avenue, or 700 feet beyond the <br />regular 300 foot radius for protestants; that there have been no protests <br />from property owners whose lots are on the north side of Workman Avenue <br />facing south, except Lot 43, which is on the corner and faces Baldwin <br />Avenue. That the owner of said Lot 43, one of the protestants, requested <br />a price for his property which was considered prohibitive by Bernard Berk <br />& Company (the other applicant and appellant); that he disagrees with <br />Planning Commission's interpretation of the need for this construction in <br />that the request should be decided upon good planning; that gasoline stations <br />are constructed in close proximity to each other and that in other locations <br />in the City markets have been and are being erected in close proximity to <br />other markets. <br /> <br />Mr. David Cook, associated with the firm of Bernard Berk Company, 260 South <br />Beverly Drive, stated in part that a survey of five major intersections in <br />the City, and also of other adjacent cities, such as San Marino, El Monte <br />and Temple City, had been made and that the said intersection of Baldwin <br />Avenue and Las Tunas Drive had been selected as the best location for the <br />proposed construction of an A & P market, because it contained sufficient <br />ground to permit 3 to 1 parking; that the building will cost approximately <br />$500,000.00; that a traffic check revealed the following figures: north <br />of Las Tunas Drive on Baldwin Avenue per day - north and south on Baldwin <br />Avenue south of Las Tunas Drive 14,000 cars, on Baldwin Avenue south of <br />Las Tunas Drive 12,920 cars, on Las Tunas Drive east of Temple City <br />Boulevard 17,140 cars, on Live Oak Avenue west of Santa Anita Avenue 20,770 <br />cars and then, because Live Oak Avenue and Las Tunas Drive split, Live Oak <br />Avenue carries over to Baldwin Avenue 5000 cars compared to Las Tunas Drive <br />carrying over 16,000 cars; that the widening of Baldwin Avenue was taken <br />into consideration; that their plan will allow easy access and no trouble <br />with traffic, and that the traffic count mentioned indicates that the area <br />ceases to be a residential area. <br /> <br />Mr. Bernard Berk, 260 South Beverly Drive (one of the applicants and 1 <br />appellants) advised the following benefits to the City to be derived by <br />the proposed improvements: a payroll of approximately $400,000.00; local <br />advertising in Arcadia and surrounding newspapers in excess of $25,000.00 <br />per year, Arcadia's share of personal property tax of approximately <br />$6000.00; Arcadia's proportionate share of real estate tax of about <br />$6000.00; Arcadia's share of sales tax of about $7000.00; local purchases <br />in the community; or approximately half a million dollars or more to be <br />spent in Arcadia. He added that A & P Company has been in business 100 <br />years and has in excess of 4300 stores in the United States and that very <br />few complaints have been made by neighbors regarding traffic, noise, <br />lights, etc. Also that this company is in accord with a buffer zone being <br />established on Workman Avenue. That every effort will be made to operate <br />the store in a manner that will prove beneficial to the neighborhood and <br />the City of Arcadia. He then presented: <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />9-15-59 <br />