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<br />/,1~~>"73 <br />""~. <br /> <br />(Remme r s - <br />Hearing <br />Continued) <br /> <br />f.;~6 <br /> <br />PETITION <br />(Annexation <br />No. 17-A <br />Southwest <br />Arcadia <br />Inhabited) <br />'1 '3(0 <br /> <br />RESOLUTION <br />No. 3083 <br />'139/ <br /> <br />investigated by the Police Department which found no local record. <br />Applicant proposes to be open Mondays through Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. <br />to 6:00 P.M. and the property is located in Zone C-2. The City Clerk <br />reported that there were no communications on file. <br /> <br />Mayor Phillips declared the hearing open and asked to hear first from <br />the applicant or from anyone wishing to speak in favor of the <br />application. <br /> <br />Applicant Richard J. Remmers stated that he lives at 5640 Gracewood <br />Avenue, Arcadia; that he had nothing to add to his application except <br />that he would handle nice merchandise, no jewelry or used clothing; <br />that it would not be a junk store, but strictly used furniture and <br />appliances; that the property is located next to the corner property on I <br />the old Spaulding place. Upon questioning, he stated that he had <br />previously sold real estate and automobiles, this being his first ventur <br />in furniture. Upon further questioning, he stated that there would not <br />be room to reside in the premises and to use them as a store, and that <br />he intended to use the residence only as a used furniture store and to <br />reside elsewhere. <br /> <br />It was brought out that C-2 properties are automatically in Fire Zone 1 <br />and that the requirements for residential construction do not meet the <br />requirements for commercial buildings in Fire Zone 1. <br /> <br />There being no other person desiring to be heard, Councilman Reibold <br />moved, seconded by Councilman Balser and unanimously carried, that the <br />hearing be closed. <br /> <br />Upon questioning, the Assistant City Attorney stated that zoning is not <br />an issue in this matter as the property involved is in Zone C-2, which <br />permits retail stores and businesses. That the matter is before the <br />Council because Ordinance No. 737, as amended by Ordinance No. 823, <br />requires a permit from the Council for second-hand stores, but com- <br />pliance with fire zone regulations is an item to be considered in such <br />an application. That while a nonconforming building may lawfully be <br />continued, it cannot be structurally altered without the granting of <br />proper variances, and the mere continuation of the building itself <br />does not permit a change of occupancy to a more hazardous use. <br /> <br />Motion by Councilman Reibold, seconded by Councilman Balser and <br />unanimously carried that the requested permit be denied. <br /> <br />The City Clerk presented and read the certification of the Registrar <br />of Voters of Los Angeles County (Benjamin S. Hite) and herself, of <br />the signatures on the petition filed on November 12, 1958 for the <br />proposed annexation to the City (Annexation No. l7-A Southwest Arcadia <br />Inhabited). She added that the area has 549 registered voters, 25% <br />being needed which would be 138 and that they found 203 qualified <br />signatures, which is sufficient. <br /> <br />Whereupon the Assistant City Attorney presented, discussed and read I <br />the title of Resolution No. 3083, entitled: "A RESOLUTION OF THE <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA, DECLARING ITS <br />INTENTION TO CALL A SPECIAL ELECTION IN CERTAIN INHABITED TERRITORY <br />CONTIGUOUS TO SAID CITY PROPOSED TO BE ANNEXED THERETO, FOR THE <br />PURPOSE OF SUBMITTING TO THE QUALIFIED ELECTORS RESIDING IN SAID <br />TERRITORY THE QUESTION WHETHER OR NOT SAID TERRITORY SHALL BE <br />ANNEXED TO THE CITY OF ARCADIA, AND FIXING A TIME AND PLACE WHEN AND <br />WHERE ANY PERSON OWNING REAL PROPERTY WITHIN SUCH TERRITORY MAY APPEAR <br />BEFORE SAID CITY COUNCIL AND SHOW CAUSE WHY SUCH TERRITORY SHOULD NOT <br />BE SO ANNEXED (ANNEXATION NO, l7-A, SOUTHWEST ARCADIA INHABITED)." <br /> <br />He added that the time fixed for the holding of a special election <br />is March 24, 1959; that the boundaries of the territory proposed to <br />be annexed are described in said resolution; and that 8:00 P,M. on <br />January 6, 1959 has been set as the time set for hearing objections <br />to the election, at which time any owner of property within the <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />12-2-58 <br />