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<br />~ <br /> <br />SPECIAL MEETING <br />OF THE <br />ARCADIA CITY COUNCIL <br /> <br />THE ARCADIA CITY COUNCIL MET IN SPECIAL MEETING ON JULY 19, 1960 AT <br />7: 00 0 I clock P.M. IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM OF THE ARCADIA CITY HALL. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />PRESENT: COUNCILMEN BALSER, BUTTERWORTH, PHILLIPS, REIBOLD, CAMPHOUSE <br />CITY CLERK VAN MAANEN, CITY MANAGER SCHONE, CITY ATTORNEY NICKLIN; <br /> <br />ALSO: MEMBERS OF THE PRESS AND THE PUBLIC. <br /> <br />Discussion held on the opening of Arcadia Avenue, including assessments <br />to be placed on the individual parcels. It was stated that the opening <br />was first presented after a straw vote had been taken by postcard. <br /> <br />The City Engineer displayed drawing and unofficial cost estimate. <br />The drawing reflected individual parcel improvements with curbs and <br />gutters, an anticipated 40 foot street - 52 lots - reduce later. <br /> <br />Zoning would probably be R-3. <br /> <br />It was determined that the staff should discuss the assessment with <br />each property owner prior to the next Special Meeting of the Council <br />to be held on August 16, 1960 at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chamber. <br /> <br />Adjournment moved by Councilman Balser, seconded by Councilman Reibold <br />and unanimously carried - 7:45 P.M. <br /> <br />~)7h~ <br /> <br />Christine Van Maanen <br />City Clerk <br />City of Arcadia, California <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />July 19, 1960 <br /> <br />~, <br /> <br />c;:OA4....I~ <br />