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<br />HEARING <br />(Parking <br />Space) <br /> <br />(~,"I-1q) <br /> <br />14: 5695 ~oZ. <br /> <br />Mayor Butterworth declared the hearing open on Planning Commission <br />Resolution No. 446 recommending that the Arcadia Municipal Code be <br />amended to provide two parking spaces for each apartment dwelling unit <br />in Zone R-3 instead of 1-1/2 spaces presently required. <br /> <br />There being no communications on the matter, Mayor Butterworth inquired <br />if anyone in the audience desired to address the Council in favor of <br />Planning Commission recommendation as embodied in its Resolution No. 446. <br />No one desired to speak. <br /> <br />The following persons addressed the Council in response to Mayor <br />Butterworth's inquiry as to whether anyone in the audience desired to <br />speak in opposition to the above mentioned recommendation, said persons <br />stating in part: <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. Don Bettsinger, 12 Yorkshire Drive, Arcadia: That the City should <br />endeavor to enforce off street parking at least for six months before <br />the proposed change in parking requirements is put into effect. That <br />there is ample parking facilities for tenants of apartment buildings that <br />are not used due to the failure of the tenants to take advantage of such <br />facilities and the convenience of parking on the street rather than walk- <br />ing the distance from the garage to the building. That, in his opinion, <br />if the recommended additional parking space is approved by the Council, <br />the 10' x 20' requirement should be modified to eight or nine feet by <br />twenty feet which would be sufficient. That should the Council determine <br />to approve the recommendation of the Planning Commission the ordinance <br />proposed to be adopted should not be an emergency ordinance as this would <br />result in hardship for those purchasers of land anticipating building <br />under the present ordinance. <br /> <br />Mr. Benjamin, 1220 Lima St., Burbank: That an emergency ordinance in <br />this matter would result in hardship for those purchasers of property <br />planning to build under the present ordinance. That the setback require- <br />ments plus the easement does not leave much space for an apartment building <br />from which the developer expects a return of his investment; and that <br />other areas adjacent or nearby to Arcadia require only one, or one and a <br />half parking spaces per dwelling unit and find that sufficient. <br /> <br />Mr. D. Nagy of Granada Hills: That Granada Hills requires only 3/4 space <br />for each apartment unit, Los Angeles one space, Baldwin Park 1-1/2 spaces <br />and Alhambra one space. That the proposed two spaces is premature and a <br />matter that should be considered in the future. <br /> <br />To Councilman Phillip's query as to approximately how many units would <br />be lost by the proposed increase in parking space, Mr. Nagy replied that <br />he thought between three to five apartment units. <br /> <br />Mr. Ralph Burston, 515 Fairview Avenue, Arcadia: That as a developer of <br />considerable apartment property in Arcadia he had never been aware of <br />lack of parking facilities; that such space was available but that tenants <br />did not avail themselves of such space but preferred parking on the street <br />rather than walking the distance from the parking facilities to the I <br />apartment house; that parking on the street created a traffic hazard; <br />that if additional off street parking is necessary other methods could be <br />utilized, such as using the front setback for parking; that he did not <br />believe the survey made by the Planning Department is entirely accurate; <br />that on street parking will continue until prohibition is enforced. That <br />with regard to Councilman Phillips' inquiry as to the estimated loss of <br />units if additional parking space is required, he did not believe there <br />would be any such loss but rather that the units would be built cheaper <br />and smaller to compensate for the loss of revenue. He also mentioned <br />that he felt increased apartment house dwellings result in increased <br />population, which in turn results in more revenue for the City. <br /> <br />Mrs. Ingrid Isaacson, 216 S. First Avenue: That increased parking <br />facilities would result in loss of outdoor living space and would be <br />reflected in the rent charged to the disadvantage of many; that in the <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />6-19-62 <br />