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<br />I INVOCATION <br /> <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF <br />ALLEGIANCE <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF <br />MINUTES <br />3-19-63) <br /> <br />PLANNING <br />COMMISSION <br />APPOINTMENT <br />(Hanson) <br /> <br />SISTER CITY <br />COMMITTEE <br /> <br />(A:SC) <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />15:5944 <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA <br /> <br />APRIL 2, 1963 <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Arcadia met in regular session in the <br />Council Chamber of the City Hall at 8:00 P.M., April 2, 1963, <br /> <br />The Invocation was offered by Rev. Eugene E. C~llins, Pastor of the <br />Arcadia Friends Church. <br /> <br />Mayor Butterworth led in the pledge of allegiance to the flag. <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Balser, Phillips, Reibold, Turner, Butterworth <br />None <br /> <br />MOTION by Councilman Phillips, seconded by Councilman Turner and <br />carried unanimously that the minutes of the Regular Meeting of March <br />19, 1963 be approved as submitted in writing. ' <br /> <br />MOTION by Councilman Phillips, seconded by Councilman Balser and <br />carried on roll call vote as follows that the Council approve the <br />appointment of ~rr. Carl F, Hanson, 906 Tindalo Road, Arcadia, to the <br />Planning Commission to fill the unexpired te~ of Mr, H. T. Michler, <br />said term to run until June 30, 1965, the City Clerk to notify the <br />Planning Commission and Mr. Hanson of his appointment. <br /> <br />The following persons were appointed by members of the City Council to <br />serve on the Sister City Standing Committee, the City Clerk to notify <br />them of their appointment and that they will be notified later as to <br />the time of the organizational meeting: <br />( <br /> <br />Mrs, Louis Randall <br />450 Los Altos Ave. <br /> <br />Mrs. Howard Walker <br />500 E, Lemon Ave. <br /> <br />Mrs. James Dale <br />248 W. Pamela Rd. <br /> <br />Mr. Mel Pratt <br />123 Loralyn Drive <br /> <br />Mrs. Marian Woodard <br />212 S, Third Ave. <br /> <br />Mr. John A. Bryant <br />1148 Oakwood Drive <br /> <br />Mrs. Charles Morse <br />1635 Perkins Drive <br /> <br />Mrs. Theodore Hupp <br />502 E. Norman Ave. <br /> <br />Mrs. Peter Pitchess <br />1110 Paloma Drive <br /> <br />Mrs. H. R. Riggins <br />1110 Altern St. <br /> <br />Mrs. Christine Van Maanen <br />494 Walnut Avenue <br /> <br />Mrs. Murray Jensen <br />1711 So, First Ave. <br /> <br />Mr. Robert Tanner <br />117 E. Huntington Dr. <br /> <br />Mrs. W. D. Coombs <br />147 W. Cami~o Real <br /> <br />Mrs. Myree Gudus <br />1013 So. Tenth Ave. <br /> <br />Mr. Earl Waynick <br />1424 Caballero Rd. <br /> <br />Mr. Joe Graham <br />1109 W. Huntington Dr. <br /> <br />Mr, Robert S. Campbell <br />316 Cabrillo Road <br /> <br />Mrs. Peer Clausen <br />925 So. Eighth Ave. <br /> <br />Mr. Herbert Goddard <br />11 W, Longden Ave. <br /> <br />Mr. L, Halden Wentworth <br />311 San Luis Rey Rd. <br /> <br />1. <br /> <br />4-2-63 <br />