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<br />16:6579 <br /> <br />subject property; that it would be an aid to the survival of the <br />downtown business. <br /> <br />R. J. Riordon, 317 South Fifth Avenue, stated that many changes have <br />occurred in the subject area during the past 12 years; that he has , <br />been unable to sell his 80' x 80' parcel for R-l or R-2 purposes and <br />asked for relief through expanded zoning. <br /> <br />Speaking in opposition: <br /> <br />Kenneth Kaye, 314 South Third Avenue, expressed opposition to ad- <br />ditional R-3 zones and stated that in his opinion there is sufficient <br />R-3 zoned property which has not been developed at the present time; <br />that the Bonita School could not expand due to the limited size of <br />its property. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />the City Clerk read a letter handed to her by Mr. Kaye from Mr. <br />Richard Thomas, 324 South Third Avenue, which expressed his opposition <br />to further R-3 zoning and stated in part that if a disposition of the <br />subject area is to aid the City's growth it should be rezoned R-l not <br />R-3. <br /> <br />George Brigitone, 311 South Third Avenue, objected to additional R-3 <br />~oning and referred to a local newspaper with a complete page of <br />apartment rentals. <br /> <br />~o one else desiring to speak to the matter Councilman Turner MOVED <br />that the hearing be, CLOSED. MOTION seconded by Councilman Considine <br />and carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Councilman Turner stated in part that he was inclined to agree with <br />the Planning Department that the area should be rezoned; that it did <br />not seem realistic to him to have a city street as the dividing line <br />between zoning; that both sides of a street should be the same; that <br />surveys he has studied do not reflect that overcrowding of schools is <br />~aused by apartment dwellers; that it is not good planning. <br /> <br />Councilman Forman in agreeing with Councilman Turner stated in part <br />that it would be more compatible if both sides of a street were zoned <br />alike; that he has in the past held with the Planning Commission that <br />there should not be more R-3, but there is justification in this <br />,equest because it will square off the area correcting both sides of <br />the street. <br /> <br />Councilman Considine concurred that both sides of a street should be <br />~oned the same, but in this particular instance he agreed with the <br />~ecommendation of the Planning Commission; that in his opinion there <br />has not been sufficient time to make a conscientious effort toward R-2 <br />development which would encourage construction of garden type <br />apartments; that there is already tremendous R-3 property, which is <br />encountering trouble; that the long range view would be better than <br />making a change now. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mayor Reibold stated in part that in viewing the property he compared <br />the north and south sides of the street and that in his opinion both <br />sides should be the same; that persons seek out Arcadia as a place to <br />live because it is select and not necessarily for the type of structure <br />of a home, <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />It was then MOVED by Councilman Forman, seconded by Councilman Turner <br />and carried on roll call vote as follows that the request for change <br />of zone from R-2 to R-3 be GRANTED and that the recommendation as <br />~ontained in Planning Commission Resolution No. 547 not be sustained. <br /> <br />AYES: <br />~OES: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Forman, Turner, Reihold <br />Councilman Considine <br />Councilman Balser <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />7-6-65 <br />