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<br />16: 6540 <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br />MAY 18, 1965 <br /> <br />.1 ""'''An'' <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF <br />ALLEGlANCE <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Arcadia, California met in regular <br />session in the Council Chamber of the Arcadia City Hall on May 18, <br />1965 at 8 P.M. <br /> <br />Monsignor Gerald O'Keeffe, Pastor of the Holy Angels Church <br /> <br />Mayor Conrad T. Reibold <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Balser, Considine, Forman, Turner, Reibold <br />None <br /> <br />APPROVAL <br />OF MINUTES <br />(4-20-65) <br />(5-4-65) <br /> <br />The Minutes of the regular meetings of April 20, 1965 and May 4, <br />1965 were approved On MOTION by Councilman Balser, seconded by <br />Councilman Forman and carried unanimously. <br /> <br />HEARING <br />(Zoning) <br /> <br />Planning Commission Resolution No. 546 recommending the amendment of <br />Division 3 of Part 5 of Chapter 2 of Article IX of the Arcadia <br />Municipal Code (R-2, two family zone) and related sections. <br /> <br />, <br />P' ~~ Mayor Reibold declared the hearing open for those who desired to <br />f c:r. U speak to the matter. No one responding it was MOVED by Councilman <br />Forman, seconded by Councilman Balser and carried unanimously that <br />the hearing be CLOSED. <br /> <br />Detailed review of the sections recommended for amendment ensued. <br />Copies of an R-2 Incentive Zoning Table were distributed and it was <br />the consensus of the City Council that same should be included in the <br />regulations. Said table set forth square footage with number of <br />units permissible indicated therein. Provisions of Section 9255.2.8 <br />concerning R-3 Parking Requirements to be made applicable also to <br />cover Zone R-2. Some discussion held on whether or not garages should <br />be required instead of open carports. The majority of the Councilmen <br />were in favor of allowing carports as presently permitted. The <br />construction of sidewalks is to be required in Zones R-2 as in all <br />R-3 zones. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Councilman Forman MOVED that the City Council approve the recommen- <br />dation of the Planning Commission (Resolution No. 546) as herein <br />AMENDED. Motion seconded by Councilman Balser and carried <br />unanimously. <br /> <br />APPEAL <br />(Bonul:a) <br /> <br />r: t-t <br />Ai /,;t <br /> <br />An appeal was filed by Vito Bonura from the decision of the Planning <br />Commission for denial of the request for permission to divide <br />property at 371 Warren Way into two lots 1) 75' x 100.18' and <br />2) 125.10' x 100.24'. The new structure would front on the east side <br />of Holly Avenue, the existing dwelling is on the corner of Warren Way <br />and Holly Avenue. <br /> <br />1. <br /> <br />5-18-65 <br />