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<br />,I <br /> <br /> <br />. ANNEXATION <br />REQUEST' <br />(Mayflower) <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />CHAMBER OF <br />COMMERCE <br />BUILDING <br />.8-1/r; <br /> <br />DWELLING <br />(dePont) <br /> <br />I EQUIPMENT <br />PURCHASE <br /> <br />p: <br /> <br />16:6465 <br /> <br />body of Resolution No. 3760 be WAIVED: <br /> <br />AYES: <br />NqES: <br />AI!SENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Balser, Considine, Forman, Reibold, Turner <br />None <br />None <br /> <br />Councilman Balser further MOVED that Resolution No". 3760 be ADOPTED. <br />Motion seconded by Councilman Reibold and carried on roll call vote <br />as follows: <br /> <br />AYES: <br />NOES: <br />ABSENT : <br /> <br />Councilmen Balser, Considine, Forman, Reibold, Turner <br />None <br />None <br /> <br />In response to a request from the property owner for annexation to <br />the City of four lots on South Mayflower Avenue, portions of which <br />are presently in the City of Arcadia, MOTION was made by Councilman <br />Considine, seconded by Councilman Forman and carried unanimously <br />that the staff be authorized to institute an~exation proceedings. <br /> <br />On MOTION by Councilman Reibold, seconded by Councilman Forman and <br />carried unanimously the plans and specifications for the Holly - <br />Huntington Office Building to be constructed for lease to the Chamber <br />of Commerce were APPROVED and the City Clerk was authorized to <br />advertise for bids to be received March 9, 1965 at 11 A.M. <br /> <br />The City Manager reported on the communication from Dorothee dePont <br />concerning use of her property at 1430'S, Tenth Avenue. The property <br />,is in R-l zone and has two structures thereon, a dwelling in front <br />and a studio in the rear, The studio was constructed in 1940 as a <br />writing studio and subsequently used as a dance studio. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />Addressing the City Council were Miss dePont, and Richard dePont, <br />It was explained by them that it was the intention to sell the <br />property and that it would assist them in securing a purchaser if <br />the structure in the rear could be used as a rental. <br /> <br />Upon inquiry Mr. dePont stated that the subject structure had not <br />been lived in for the past ninety days, nor'had a temporary cessation <br />report been filed. They were advised that under the circumstances <br />the structure is not a conforming use and that the right to use it as <br />a single family unit was lost and it must heieafter be used for a <br />guest house without kitchen facilities. ' <br /> <br />It was suggested to Miss dePont that a variance application be filed <br />with the Planning Department and the procedure was explored. <br /> <br />MOTION by Councilman Balser, seconded by Councilman Forman and <br />carried on roll call vote as follows that the City award the contract <br />for a new paint striper for the Department of Public Works to <br />UNlMASCO in the amount of $7,864.00 less 1 per cent discount in 15 <br />days; that any irregularities or informalities in the bids or bidding <br />process be waived; that all other bids be rejected and that the <br />Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute the contract in form <br />approved by the City Attorney. <br /> <br />3. <br /> <br />2-2-65 <br />