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<br />ADDITIONAL <br />BEDS <br />(Convalescent <br />Home <br />Baldwin Ave.) <br /> <br />F6ll <br /> <br />PERSONNEL <br />BOARD <br /> <br />IR <br /> <br />COMMUNICATION <br />(Mrs. Tuvey) <br /> <br />F1l49 <br /> <br />17:6823 <br /> <br />an application for a conditional use permit to allow the construction <br />of a service station on the northwest corner of Duarte Road and <br />Golden West Avenue. <br /> <br />Pursuant to Section III of Resolution No. 3316, it was MOVED by <br />Councilman Hage, seconded by Councilman Butterworth and carried <br />unanimously that the owner of a Convalescent Home at 1614 S. Baldwin <br />Avenue, Orlando Clarizio, be permitted to convert two existing <br />storage rooms into two four-bed convalescent rooms. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />The Planning Director had advised that the request is well within the <br />density requirements of the Arcadia Municipal Code; that the original <br />variance and/or conditional use permit was granted on November 15, <br />1960 for a 66 bed facility; that with the additional 8 beds the total <br />of 74 would still be somewhat below the 117 which could be permitted <br />under present standards. <br /> <br />The following resolution was adopted on MOTION by Councilman <br />Butterworth, seconded by Councilman Arth and carried unanimously: <br /> <br />RESOLVED, that the recommendation of the Personnel Board be <br />approved and that Section 1 of Rule VIII of the <br />Personnel Rules and Regulations be amended to read <br />as follows: <br /> <br />"Persons appointed to all permanent positions, entrance <br />or promotional, in the uniformed service of the Police <br />and Fire'Departments shall be on probation for twelve <br />months before attaining permanent status. Persons <br />appointed to other permanent positions shall be on <br />probation for a period of six months before attaining <br />permanent status. During the probationary period a <br />probationer may be discharged or demoted (if he holds <br />permanent status in a lower class) without right of <br />appeal if the appointing power deems him unfit or <br />unsatisfactory for service. No person shall attain <br />permanent status unless and until (1) the appointing <br />officer certifies in writing to the City Manager that <br />the employee is satisfactory and has been permanently <br />appointed to the position in which he has held a <br />probationary appointment, or (2) upon the failure of <br />the appointing power to remove the employee from his <br />position, within 5 days after written notice from the <br />City Manager that such employee's probationary period has <br />been or within 5 days will be completed and that either <br />permanent certification or dismissal of the employee <br />must be accomplished, Upon the request of any employee <br />who has completed, or within 5 days will complete, his <br />prescribed probationary period, the City Manager shall <br />notify the appointing power of such fact and that <br />permanent certification or discharge of the employee is <br />required. Any such action shall be made a matter of <br />record in the minutes of the Personnel Board at its next <br />regular meeting." <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mayor Forman ordered filed the communication expressing <br />appreciation for the favorable action of the City Council <br />in approving the request for annexation to the City of <br />property on South Tenth Avenue. <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />7-5-66 <br />